white horse hill circular walk

DIRECTIONS: 1. This is a circular walk. White Horse Walk. BOOKING REQUIRED---White Horse Hill, Downs and Ridgeway circular. It is said to be the site where St. George, England's patron saint, slew the dragon. Saturday, 3 October 2020. Book with valeramblers@gmail.com. Turn left, then almost immediately left again up Butts Lane. Turn right out of the car park to the B3098. The ‘perfect’ white horse, on a steep west-facing escarpment overlooking Westbury. 830ft - White Horse, bear west D/A: mi 3.15 - alt. The ‘new’ white horse at Pewsey has a few years to go before its centenary but has at least lasted longer than its predecessor. It’s a 3-mile route that follows the dramatic escarpment edge for magnificent views, then drops down on woodland paths beneath the cliffs before climbing back up beside the horse itself. To the east of the Manger lies Dragon Hill, a small roundish hill with a flattened top. Waypoints : D/A: mi 0 - alt. Pewsey White Horse, circular walk, map and app. 699ft - Turn right 2: mi 1.23 - alt. The blood poisoned the ground and left a white chalk scar for all to see. (021) Strichen White Horse-Waughton Hill Loop (Aberdeenshire) August 30, 2018 (020) Boddam Castle-Stirling Hill Quarries Walk (Aberdeenshire) August 27, 2018 (019) Deer Abbey-Pitfour Lake Ramble (Aberdeenshire) August 24, 2018 (018) Tap o’ Noth Circular (Aberdeenshire) August 19, 2018 (017) Castle Fraser Ramble (Aberdeenshire) August 17, 2018 This circular ramble within the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty crosses The Ridgeway (the views here are stunning) and the iconic Bronze-Age Uffington White Horse leaping across the hills. It sits below the ancient Bratton hill fort, one of a … Crowning White Horse Hill is … It’s a 12.5km (almost 8 mile) circular route that should take about 3-4 hours. This circular walk explores beautiful woodlands with fantastic views of Litlington White Horse in the South Downs National Park. Challenging, 6.5km. 712ft - The Long Barrow at Wayland's Smithy 3: mi 2.48 - alt. Uffington White Horse Hill - 4.3km; Uffington / Baulking / Fernham - 11km; Uffington Parish Trail - 11.4 km; White Horse Hill / Knighton Bushes - 8.5km; Devil's Punchbowl Circular Walk - 15km See also: Oxfordshire Fieldpaths Society website for scheduled group walks in the area; Oxfordshire County Council's site for self-guided local walks A great way to explore the area and check out all the history is to follow the circular walk path. This walk is great on a windy day as you’ll be protected from the breeze beneath the tree canopy – and it’s a safer option than wandering too close to the nearby cliff edges! 843ft - Go through the gate on the left 4: mi 2.63 - alt. The current horse, cut over an older one is now concreted over and white washed. Westbury White Horse circular walk, map and apps. THE COOLEST LANDMARK: White Horse Hill. Walk Id: 4085753 (OX04) Vale of White Horse Group Useful Information. Westbury White Horse Walk An exhilarating downland walk to a famous white horse. 679ft. The area is historically significant with the 3000 year old prehistoric white horse hill figure and the hillfort located close together. This short circular walk visits White Horse Hill and the Iron Age hillfort of Uffington Castle near Swindon. The White Horse Hill circular walk. The Pewsey White Horse was created in 1937, designed by George Marples and cut by volunteer Pewsey firemen to mark the coronation of George VI. It’s not completely flat but it’s certainly not climbing a mountain. White Horse Hill Circular Walk This circular walk within the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Oxfordshire is 7 miles (11km) west of Wantage. Start time: 10:00 (Estimated finish time: 15:30) Moderate 10 miles / 16.1 km. Fork right into Upper Garston Lane by the Oratory of St Giles then, just before the lane dips, take the path left, waymarked to the church. 679ft - White Horse pay and display car park 1: mi 0.41 - alt. The classic walk from Sutton Bank National Park Centre takes you to the famous turf-cut hillside landmark, the Kilburn White Horse.

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