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Share. All the summer they had sung and twittered for her so beautifully. “Oh, how beautiful he is!” whispered Thumbelina to the swallow. Thumbellina slept in a walnut shell and brought the old woman joy and happiness. Every evening the mole visited her and kept talking about when the summer would be over. Presently a large beetle flew by. It was as soft as wool, and she spread some of it on each side of the bird, so that he might lie warmly in the cold gound. Other short stories by Hans Christian Andersen also available along with many others by classic and contemporary authors. Get started by clicking the "Add" button. Thumbelina - English Short Story for Kids A kind women planted a seed given by a wizard to have children. Now, here's a story. She was very lonely after her husband had died. There was once a woman who wished very much to have a little child. “Cold winter is coming,” said the swallow, “and I am going to fly away into warmer countries. Oh, how frightened Thumbelina felt when the beetle flew with her to the tree! She looked up, and there was the swallow himself flying close by. The poor child was very unhappy at the thought of saying farewell to the beautiful sun, and as the field mouse had given her permission to stand at the door, she went to look at it once more. A bat fell to… April Fools Day Story. It talks about a little thumb-sized girl – Thumbelina. The mole immediately fell in love with Thumbelina. As soon as they caught sight of her they saw she was very pretty, and it made them angry to think that she must go and live with the ugly toads even though she didn’t want to. After she washed the lady up and fed her, she saw that she was really beautiful. Plant this seed, water it carefully, watch over it, and give it your love. ", The lady thought about most people's wishes to be richest in the world, most powerful person, the smartest, and the prettiest. At last they came to a blue lake, and by the side of it, shaded by trees of the deepest green, stood a palace of dazzling white marble, built in the olden times. She was very fond of the poor swallow. Ivy wrapped around its tall pillars, and at the top were many swallows’ nests, and one of these was the home of the swallow who carried Thumbelina. The sun shone in upon them so beautifully that the swallow asked her if she would like to go with him. The tale was first printed by C. A. Reitzel on 16 December 1835 in Copenhagen, Denmark. That fall she nearly had to marry Mole. She brought the swallow some water in a flower leaf, and after he had drunk, he told her that he had hurt one of his wings in a thorny bush and could not fly as fast as the others, who were soon far away on their journey to warm countries. But how surprised she was to see in the middle of the flower a tiny little man, as white and see-through as if he had been made of glass! Thumbelina is similar to these short stories: The Garden of Paradise, New Fairy Tales (1844), The Red Shoes (fairy tale) and more. The little fishes who swam about in the water beneath had seen the toad and heard what she said, so now they lifted their heads above the water to look at the little maiden. She was hardly half as long as a thumb so they gave her the name of Little Thumb, or Thumbelina, because she was so small. You ought to be very thankful for such good fortune.”. He is richer than I am, he has a big place to live and wears a beautiful black velvet coat. ‘But you must clean my house and tell me stories,’ she said.’ I like to listen to stories.’ One day the fi eld-mouse told Thumbelina that her neighbour – a mole - was coming to visit them. “It is a beautiful flower,” said the woman, and she kissed the red and golden-colored petals. He seated himself by her side, on a large green leaf, gave her some honey from the flowers to eat, and told her she was very pretty, though not in the least like a beetle. The mole became fond of Thumbelina. about the noble dog.....who saved the king. One night, while she lay in her pretty bed, a large, ugly, wet toad crept through a broken pane of glass in the window and leaped right upon the table where she lay sleeping under her rose-leaf. It was a perfect bird, with a beak and feathers, and could not have been dead long. It is not like most seeds – plant it into a flowerpot and see what will happen.”. Like many of his tales, it's about the courage and survival against the odds of somebody quite small and rather different. “You must not be called Thumbelina any more,” said the spirit of the flowers to her. "Thumbelina" (Danish: Tommelise) is a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. What do you want? And as she told him, she cried. Hans Christian Andersen wrote this delicate story in 1835. Thumbelina is worried that there is no one her size so her mother tells her a story of fairies. 7.9. But the old woman wished for something the lady could not believe. Your email address will not be published. You can sit on my back and fasten yourself on. Then, she heard a knock at the door and opened it. “Croak, croak, croak,” was all her son could say for himself. She said, "I would like a child. Then there was much celebrating, and the little swallow, who sat above them in his nest, was asked to sing a wedding song, which he did as well as he could, but in his heart he felt sad, for he was very fond of Thumbelina and would have liked never to leave her. 2. She walked a short distance from the house, for the corn had been cut, and only the dry stubble remained in the fields. “Thank you, pretty little maiden,” said the sick swallow; “I have been so nicely warmed that I shall soon get back my strength and be able to fly about again in the warm sunshine.”, “Oh,” said she, “it is cold outside now, it snows and freezes. Find out with this poem. She felt dreadfully cold, for her clothes were torn, and she was herself so frail and delicate that she was nearly frozen to death. She has several adventures with a toad, a mole, a field mouse, and other creatures of field and forest. So the old woman did all of those things the lady had told her to. Short stories similar to or like Thumbelina. 4:22. However, he came and paid his visit, dressed in his black velvet coat. As she did so the flower opened and she could see that it was a real tulip. The next night she again sneaked out to see him. This great fairy tale for kids has been beautifully illustrated and will encourage young children to read. Thumbelina - A Short Story. They instantly fall in love and go flying and singing together where toads and bugs see them. from the wicked wizard. As soon as the summer was over the wedding would take place. Far out in the stream grew a number of water lilies with wide green leaves which seemed to float on the top of the water. His kitchens and cellars are quite full. “Her waist is quite slim. That night the fairy prince comes to her window and hears her singing. She went to a fairy and said: “I should so very much like to have a little child. “Tweet, tweet,” sang the bird, as he flew out into the green woods, and Thumbelina felt very sad. He is a very handsome mole, the queen herself does not wear more beautiful velvets and furs. Thumbelina is a short comedy based on the classic fairy tale that teaches about kindness and friendship. Look. When she woke very early in the morning she began to cry bitterly when she found where she was, for she could see nothing but water on every side of the large green leaf, and no way of reaching the land. Thumbelina would sing while they worked. Read on to go into their bizarre magic world. He could only open his eyes for a moment to look at Thumbelina, who stood by. It flew off. She is a cute little creature that came alive by coming out of a seed. “Thumbelina” is no ordinary girl. During the summer, she ate berries and drank the dew off the leaves. But then she heard a familiar tweet and an idea popped up in the bird's head. In the middle of the floor lay a swallow, his beautiful wings pulled close to his sides, his feet and head drawn up under his feathers – it seemed that the poor bird had died of the cold. Nothing must be wanting when you are the wife of the mole.”. Beautiful children ran along the country lanes, playing with large butterflies and as the swallow flew farther and farther, every place appeared still more lovely. If you … She made her a little dress out of golden threads. Then she wept and said she would not marry the dull, dreary mole. Will you go with me? During the whole summer poor little Thumbelina lived quite alone in the wide forest. Thumbelina 2: Thumbelinas New Home | Level 4 | By Little Fox. Can you tell me where I can find one?”, “Oh, that’s no problem,” said the fairy. Thank you for your delightful singing during the summer, when all the trees were green and the warm sun shone upon us.” Then she laid her head on the bird’s breast, but she was alarmed, for it seemed as if something inside the bird went “thump, thump.” It was the bird’s heart, he was not really dead, only numb with cold, and the warmth had restored him to life. Thumbelina 2: Thumbelinas New Home | Level 4 | By Little Fox. “He is very rich and clever and his house is twenty times larger than mine,” said the field mouse. “Goodbye, bright sun,” she cried, stretching out her arm towards it. The large plant under the shelter of which she had lived was now shriveled up and nothing remained but a yellow, withered stalk. Thumbelina did. The moment he caught sight of her he seized her round her delicate waist with his claws and flew with her into a tree. “Tweet, tweet,” sounded over her head suddenly. It began to snow, too; and the snowflakes, as they fell upon her, were like a whole shovelful falling upon one of us, for we are tall, but she was only an inch high. This is a Robin Hood Short Story. “Goodbye, then, goodbye, you good, pretty little maiden,” said the swallow, and he flew out into the sunshine. Then he went before them to bring them through the long, dark passage. It has been told and retold by many authors over the years, as well as being adapted for both television and film. It was first translated into English by Mary Howitt in 1846, from "Tommelise", written by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, and published as one of a series of seven fairy tales in 1835. have wings so they can fly. The Bat And The Weasels. He will be your husband and you will live happily together in the marsh by the stream.”. there are, Thumbelina. Prince Cornelius promises to come back the next day after telling his parents about her. Stevenrhodes64. 1. She married a prince and she lived happily ever after. A large tulip leaf floated on this plate, which she used as a boat. Their ride into an unknown world begins when one of them eats an unknown fruit and falls unconscious. Stay in your warm bed, I will take care of you.”. Little Tiny or Thumbelina was featured as The Short Story of the Day on Mon, Apr 13, 2020. ''Thumbelina'' is a story with inspiration from the English folklore ''Tom Thumb.'' He was rich and clever, no doubt, but he always said bad things about the sun and the pretty flowers, because he had never seen them. She was quite frightened, as the bird was a large one, a great deal larger than herself. A lady was standing there and she said, "If you let me in, I will grant you a wish." He took the gold crown from his head and placed it on hers, and asked her name and if she would be his wife and queen over all the flowers. He paid them a visit in his black velvet coat. She did not tell either the mole or the field mouse anything about it, for they did not like swallows. “We shall have a visitor soon,” said the field mouse one day. Parental Guidance: Some material of this video may not be suitable for children below 13 years of age. Reaksi: Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis! She took off the long ribbon from her dress and tied one end of it round the butterfly, fastening the other end to the leaf, which now glided on much faster than before, taking Thumbelina with it as she stood. “Nonsense,” replied the field mouse. AppuSeries. “Goodbye, goodbye,” she repeated, wrapping her arm around a little red flower that grew just by her side. Career - Hans Christian Andersen - Author Famous Work - Fairy Tale Collection featuring "The Ugly Duckling" and "Thumbelina" Thumbelina Fairy Tale A Printer Friendly Free Short Story! A polished walnut shell was used for her cot, her bed was made of the leaves of violets and her bedcover was a rose-leaf. Thumbelina had to sing to him, “Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home,” and many other pretty songs. Thumbellina cried and some little guppies heard her and chewed the roots off the lily pad to help her escape. And the mole fell in love with her because she had so sweet a voice, but he said nothing yet, because he was a careful, slow-moving creature. how she shivered with the cold. Then he flew down with her from the tree and placed her on a daisy, and she wept at the thought that she was so ugly that even the beetles would have nothing to say to her. They are confronted by a terrifying ladybug and then nearly captured by a hungry toad. Thumbelina sailed past many towns, and the little birds in the bushes saw her and sang, “What a lovely little creature.” So the leaf swam away with her farther and farther, till it brought her to other lands. A fairy princess with broken wings shows kindness to a frog in trouble and receives a very unexpected reward. geraldfannie8988. A walnut-shell, elegantly polished, served her for a cradle; her bed was formed of blue violet-leaves, with a rose-leaf for a counterpane. Here she slept at night, but during the day she played on a table, where the peasant wife had placed a plate full of water. But then winter came and she needed shelter. It will be like an island to her, she is so light and small, and then she cannot escape. The mole now closed up the hole through which the daylight shone, and then brought the ladies home. There are so many different stories… Robin Hood Short Story. He had a gold crown on his head, and lovely wings at his shoulders, and was not much bigger than was she herself. A few hours later, she finally stopped floating. Thumbelina and her brother, Tom Thumb, are having a very rough day. “What a pretty little wife this would make for my son,” said the toad, and she took up the walnut shell in which Thumbelina lay asleep, and jumped through the window with it, into the garden. Well, as a matter of fact. Author of Thumbelina Fairy Tale. Thumbelina 2: Thumbelinas New … She liked Thumbelina, so she said, “You are quite welcome to stay with me all the winter, if you like; but you must keep my rooms clean and neat, and tell me stories, for I shall like to hear them very much.” And Thumbelina did all that the field mouse asked her, and found herself very comfortable. This is the bat and the weasels short story for kids. Thumbelina is one of our Favorite Fairy Tales A long time ago and far, far away an old woman was sitting in her rocking chair thinking how happy she would be if she had a child. The old lady repeated what she said. Other people are taken by her beauty and she passes from one ugly situation to another. She wanted to get the pretty bed, to bring back for the underground room. Hyperactive and easily bored, the twins do not imagine the adventures that await them in the remote town. Where it is always summer and the flowers bloom with such beauty. This is Thumbelina Story for kids. The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett, Uncle Tom's Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe. “Greet the little swallow from me, if you should see him again.”. thumbelina; thumbelina story; very short stories; Related Post. Add Little Tiny or Thumbelina to your own personal library. This woman had a very kind heart. ‘He is very rich and clever,’ she told Thumbelina. He cannot see very well, but he lives in a big house and wears a black velvet coat.’ 3. Thumbelina . “Here is a seed. Each of them brought Thumbelina a present, but the best gift was a pair of beautiful wings, which had belonged to a large white fly, and they fastened them to Thumbelina’s shoulders, so that she might fly from flower to flower. Between these pieces grew the most beautiful large white flowers, so the swallow flew down with Thumbelina and placed her on one of the wide leaves. We offer a shorter version of this story for younger children in our Children's Library, titled Thumbelina. He was the angel of the flower, for a tiny man and a tiny woman dwell in every flower, and this was the king of them all. Pooh! Thumbelina did not feel at all interested about this neighbour, for he was a mole. Thumbelina could also sing so softly and sweetly that nothing like her singing had ever been heard before. Be happy with who you are. Then the swallow said farewell to Thumbelina, and she opened the hole in the ceiling which the mole had made. A long time ago and far, far away an old woman was sitting in her rocking chair thinking how happy she would be if she had a child. Nationality Danish Lifespan - 1805 - 1875 Son of a poor shoemaker and washerwoman Had little formal education! Oh! But the beetle did not trouble himself at all about the matter. Ever wondered what happens when two dragons get married? A short time before, the mole had dug a long tunnel under the earth, which led from where the field mouse lived to his own place, and here she was allowed to walk with Thumbelina whenever she liked. “Now don’t be stubborn, or I will bite you with my white teeth. You must tell him the very best stories you know." “Thank you,” said the woman and she paid the fairy. The fairy was a prince, he asked her to marry him. “Oh, she is ugly,” said all the lady beetles. You may enjoy the longer version of this fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, titled Little Tiny, or Thumbelina. Once upon a time--- Oh, Mother, please. she is like a human being.”. What good luck for a poor child like you! In autumn all the swallows fly away into warm countries, but if a bird stays on too long, the cold suddenly arrives and it becomes chilled and falls down as if dead. They are little, just like me. Thumbelina. She made herself a bed with blades of grass and hung it up under a wide leaf, to protect herself from the rain. A graceful little white butterfly constantly fluttered round her and at last landed on the leaf. And all the while she was really the loveliest creature you could imagine, and as tender and delicate as a beautiful rose leaf. It was lying just where the mole had made his tunnel. A lady was standing there and she said, "If you let me in, I will grant you a wish." The little prince was at first quite frightened at the bird, who was like a giant compared to such a tiny little creature as himself, but when he saw Thumbelina he was delighted and thought her the prettiest little maiden he had ever seen. The largest of these leaves seemed farther off than the rest, and the old toad swam out to it with the walnut shell, in which Thumbelina still lay asleep. “What is the use of his twittering if, when winter comes, he must either starve or be frozen?”, Thumbelina said nothing, but when the two others had turned their backs upon the bird, she stooped down and stroked aside the soft feathers which covered his head, and kissed the closed eyelids. 5:18. Poor Thumbelina stood before the door, just like a little beggar girl, and asked for a small piece of corn, for she had been without anything to eat for two days. The summer and the autumn passed away and then came the winter—the long, cold winter. You saved my life when I lay frozen in that dark, gloomy passage.”. Thumbelina slept in a walnut shell and brought the old woman joy and happiness. “That will be delightful,” she said, and clapped her little hands for joy. frankroberto2143. There he had a nest over the window of a house where the writer of fairy tales lived. The lady slept soundly all night long and then right before she left, she said, "Now, about your wish. Then all the flowers opened, and out of each came a little lady or a tiny lord, all so pretty it was quite lovely to look at them. He would have nothing more to say to her, and told her she might go where she liked. All the birds who had sung to her so sweetly had flown away and the trees and the flowers had withered. He liked the little girl and she was glad, for now the toad could not possibly reach her, and the country through which she sailed was beautiful, and the sun reflected gold upon the water. Then the leaf floated down the stream, carrying Thumbelina far away out of reach of land. But Thumbelina was not at all pleased, for she did not like the mole. A kindly mouse let her stay with it, but it said, "You'll have to marry my friend, Mole, because I cannot keep you for another winter.". But during the night Thumbelina could not sleep, so she got out of bed and made a large, beautiful rug of hay. ", "What did you say?" But within the flower, sat a very delicate and graceful little maiden. Then, she heard a knock at the door and opened it. Thumbelina trembled very much. While she is there we will hurry and prepare the place under the mud where you are to live when you are married.”. A large marble pillar lay on the ground, which, in falling, had been broken into three pieces. Once upon a time a woman couldn’t stay pregnant and she was very sad about that. She named her Thumbelina. Thumbelina / ˌθʌmbəˈliːnə / (Danish: Tommelise) is a literary fairy tale written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen first published by C. A. Reitzel on 16 December 1835 in Copenhagen, Denmark, with "The Naughty Boy" and "The Travelling Companion" in the … she asked because she was astonished at what the old lady asked for. But the mole pushed it aside with his crooked legs and said: “He will sing no more now. Thumbelina would have been frozen in the cold air, but she crept under the bird’s warm feathers, keeping her little head uncovered, so that she might admire the beautiful lands over which they passed. “You poor little creature,” said the field mouse, for she was really a good old mouse, “come into my warm room and have dinner with me.”. One of his fairy tales is ''Thumbelina.'' She came at last to the door of a field mouse, who had a little den under the corn stubble. Pingback: Little Library – Sanaya's Blue Diary, Your email address will not be published. frankroberto2143. “Goodbye, pretty little bird,” she said, “goodbye. Thumbelina Soon after being born from a fiery red flower, Thumbelina is kidnapped from home and pursued by many suitors, including a horrible toad, a bumbling beetle, and a grumpy mole--until the plucky heroine finds a true love who fits her just right. In a week, there was a beautiful yellow flower in place of the seed.

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