raw vintage springs

There's so much mojo talk out there about ways to improve tone, and the buzz on Raw Vintage springs is that the low tension spec is closer to the way trem springs were originally. Logged Ezshnip. Me likey long time. Order your product online today, if you'd prefer to try before you buy then head on down to our store based in Colchester and we will be happy to assist. They are hard with strong tension. I would like for any of RAW vintage users to buy a set of low tension springs for 4$ and test those. Our extensive research accurately reproduces that iconic classic tone so many seek. And with the prerequisite of using 5 or 4 springs together, we were able to achieve superb torque feel and stabilized arming that were made possible from the difference in weight and contraction percentage. Alnico 5 magnets Raw Vintage saddles have a bell like quality for additional clarity and sustain. This affects both the tone and feel of the guitar. See how that feel compared to the Raws and see if you can still justify the price of the Raws. Tremolo Blocks. What vintage guitar users fear the most when these parts need to be replaced is if it will cause the sound to change significantly. Wound in Sunny Southern California with period accurate specs, Raw Vintage pickups deliver all the warmth and goodness of iconic era pickups. Joined Aug 16, 2007 Messages 10,064 Reaction score 2,497. It's clear, powerful and has touch sensitivity - I love these pickup. I've replaced them to my TKT guitar so impressive what a warmer sound and stability tone. Hand wound in Southern California Plain enamel copper wire for great tone and long pickup life. We've analyzed real 50's vintage steel saddles down to the molecular level and have come up with a special formula reproducing the exact metal structure. Raw Vintage Tremolo Springs Details. New Raw Vintage Tremolo Spring (5 piece set). As one of the raw vintage product, we researched the vintage and matched the tension of the spring. Works for Neck and Bridge positions. The Raw Vintage springs have a cool natural reverb to them, no shit... 4 Raw Vintage springs = 3 El Kabong springs...they are much 'softer' feeling. The company's claim is that early Stratocasters had springs that were lower tension, and were meant to be used in sets of five, whereas modern springs are much stiffer, which is perhpas why one sees so many Strat's with three springs only. Therefore any effect is likely to be (at best) psychological. $192. According to the Raw Vintage site, these springs aren’t as stiff as the stock springs. Raw Vintage Tremolo Springs RVTS-1. The Raw Vintage Saddles have every bit of the vintage warmth, depth, sustain, clarity and vibe as the originals. With extra coil winds the RV-60 pickups have a hot output with rolled off highs and a punchier mid-range that work well with old school “straight to amp” and new school multi effect high gain players. $91.60. I don’t use a floating tremolo because it’s hard to tune and screws with wide bends. You can tell more of a difference plugged in with a clean/ ever-so slightly pushed amp sound. Product description Raw Vintage Tremolo Springs The wear and tear of parts from vintage guitars that were manufactured few decades ago can cause functionality problems. Call GAK now for product info, advice and the Best Prices - 01273 665400 $84.95. Hand wound in Southern California Vintage style push back cloth leads And with the increased weight, we were able to create Fat Tone. Reverb Bump. What vintage guitar users fear the most when these parts need to be replaced is if it will cause the sound to change significantly.

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