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Multiple layers of polymeric resin encapsulate the water-soluble nutrients in this fertilizer. On top of our list, we have this AM Leonard Fertilizer which has nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium as the main ingredients. 12kg OSMOCOTE PRO, SLOW RELEASE FERTILISER. 5 Stars. 5 Stars. £4.75. Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Flower & Vegetable. £16.99 to £29.99. The release of nutrients depends on temperature - more when it's warm and plants are growing and less when it's cold and growth is slow Scotts Osmocote® uses advanced prill technology that ensures even and controlled nutrient release with no wastage Controlled release means feeding less often and more effectively; less frequent feeding is more economical and environment-friendly @ $5. Everris 90550 Osmocote Classic 14-14-14, 50-Pound. ProloNg 18-6-18 contains three vital macronutrients- nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. Buy now. 12. bloomart . Scotts Osmocote® Controlled Release Fertiliser: Roses, Gardenias, Azaleas & Camellias . Depending on what type of plants you are feeding will depend on what type of fertiliser you should use, as each different plant has different nutrient needs – for example, turf and grass will require different nutrients than a flowering shrub or a vegetable plant. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337) Customer Service. Slow release fertilizer is specific feed for plants in containers that releases their nutrients slowly over time. Its 3:1:2 ratio makes it ideal for greenhouse and container nursery stock. New. FREE Delivery. UK 100 Pcs/pack Plants Fertilizer Basket for Flower Pot Osmocote Bonsai Orchid. Apply once and you're done for the season! Vitax Ltd Unknown Vitax 10Kg Blood Fish and Bone Fertiliser, Multicolor. Quick view. No matter which Osmocote controlled release fertilizer product is selected, growers can rest assured the highest quality and return on … Unlike a garden fertilizer that releases fully in a matter of days. Stock Status In Stock Add to Cart Notify me when back in stock. This slow-release Osmocote fertilizer features an 18-6-12 formulation. Osmocote Exact Protect is a 4th generation ‘programmed release’ fertilizer developed for crops potted on in the autumn and winter seasons in Northern Europe. Free postage. The release rate is controlled by soil temperature. The slow release nature of ProloNg 18-6-18+TE also reduces the sudden surge of top growth usually associated with high nitrogen products; instead of rapid growth the effects of this fertiliser will be manageable and still leave your lawn looking healthy and lush. FREE Delivery. Often imitated but never equaled, Outdoor & Indoor feeds throughout the plant's active growing season without risk of chemical burn. 99. Free postage. We would be more than glad to recommend you a product that will better suit your needs. Osmocote 277160 Flower and Vegetable Smart-Release Plant Food, 14-14-14, 1-Pound Bottle Check Price Osmocote 2722501 Outdoor and Indoor Smart-Release Plant Food Jar, 1.25-Pound Check Price & Feed Existing Plants and Flower with Osmocote. Read 1 Reviews Write a Review. S$9.80. £19.92 £ 19. For more information, read our product specification sheet. Some of the formulations take as long as 8 or 9 months to release. 92. The advantage to the Osmocote is that it is working even if you're not there. Double, triple and even quaddrouple in a year time. Osmocote is a coated fertilizer that is engineered to release it’s formula very slowly over a period of months. You can then reapply towards the end of fall. 4.6 out of 5 stars 213. Osmocote Slow Release Fertiliser For Healthy Plants- Great Plant Fertilizer Food. This slow-release fertilizer needs to be watered after application, and it’s safe to use around other plants, as well. Osmocote - Fertilizer for Succulents / Cactus / Haworthia. Free postage. 5 out of 5 stars (19) Total Ratings 19, $27.99 New. Your plants deserve the best! It comes with a money-back guarantee, but chances are you'll find no need for that, since you'll be harvesting plenty of tomatoes all summer long! Not only is it formulated for vegetables and perennials but one application lasts for up to four full months. $92.49 . 4.6 out of 5 stars 210. Stock Status In Stock Add to Cart Notify me when back in stock. Buy Now. Plus, because it comes in an eight-pound bag, enough to get you through the whole growing season. They both work. Item # 14144. 4.8 out of 5 stars (8) Total Ratings 8, $124.95 New. S$1.45. This makes for an efficient and non-wasteful fertilizer. We appreciate your question regarding Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Plus Outdoor and Indoor. Osmocote controlled release fertilizers play a key role in improving yield, reducing nutrient losses and simplifying fertilizer application. £61.95 . When using this product, it’s good to know that these spikes work in a slow-release format. Osmocote is not a slow or timed release fertilizer, it is a controlled release fertilizer. £13.59 postage. Mailing $2.80 Per 250g. FEATURES. Per 500 g @ $9.80. 12 - 14 month formulation is ideal for strong growing plants and trees. 500. Ship Weight 50.00 lbs. Scotts Osmocote® Controlled Release Fertiliser: All Purpose . £19.99. Ship Weight 50.00 lbs. S$6. £6.99. Usage. Osmocote 14-14-14 Slow Release Fertilizer, 3-4 month; Osmocote® 14-14-14 Slow Release Fertilizer, 3-4 month. Specs 159128–15 9 12 + minors formula 8-9 month.The nutrients are encapsulated within multiple layers of polymeric resin. Osmocote 14-14-14 Slow Release Fertilizer 5 5 Fertilizer Doug B. I've been putting Osmocote on my Hostas every year for about ten years. 2 new & refurbished from £10.92. I like the Osmocote 14-14-14 … Slow- or controlled-release fertilizer: A fertilizer containing a plant nutrient in a form which delays its availability for plant uptake and use after application, or which extends its availability to the plant significantly longer than a reference ‘rapidly available nutrient fertilizer’ such as ammonium nitrate or urea, ammonium phosphate or potassium chloride. 5 Stars. Osmocote® Smart-Release® Plant Food Plus Outdoor & Indoor ... Our classic offering. NPK 5-5-5 Bio-Organic Fertilizer 3-in-1 (5 Kg) $ 13.00 $ 13.91 (incl. Osmocote 18-6-12 Slow-Release Fertilizer is excellent propagation and fall feeding. Apply once and you're done for the season! Life Time Support; Contact Chat Support for Help; Guaranteed Safe Checkout. Make Offer - Osmocote Slow Releasing Fertilizer High Potassium (11-11-18) 200g 2 All in One Smart Release Plant Food Plus w/ 11 Essential Nutrients Outdoor 2lb $28.99 Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Plus Outdoor & Indoor 2 lb. Osmocote is a pre-planting, slow release fertilizer. £1.99 postage. Osmocote is different to granular fertilisers and liquid fertilisers. 2.AM Leonard Fertilizer Osmocote-Best Slow Release Fertilizer For Coleus. 25kg Osmocote Pro - Slow Release Fertiliser - 12/14 Months. Check Order Status; Check Order Status; Pay Your Credit Card; Order Cancellation; Returns; Shipping & Delivery; Product Recalls; Help & FAQs; Resources. Osmocote Pro 12-14M granules are fully coated and contain NPK, magnesium and all necessary trace elements. 25 x Osmocote Exact fertiliser tablets 5-6 month controlled release fertiliser. Product advantages. Putting it on top of the soil would be inefficient as water is required to wash the evacuating salts that coat the prill into the soil. Using Slow Release Fertilizers. Free shipping on selected items. Our most advanced, 4th generation, Osmocote fertilizers provide a choice of longevities as well as the way nutrients are released making these products unique. Mailing $2.30 NPK 14 14 14 Application- Every half yearly No fear of over fertilized thus killing the plant It’s available and if you like please make an offer in the listing . Item # 159125. The growth rate before was slow but now I have size jumps in plants that are hard to believe. End offers ICL’s unique ‘programmed release’ dual coating technology. Slow release fertilizers are available and used on all types of plants, turf grasses, annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. Some Osmocote releases over 3-4 months. £10.92. You can feed existing plants in a couple of different ways. All the large fertilizer companies, such as Scotts, Schultz, Miracle-Gro, Osmocote and Vigoro, have their own lines of slow release fertilizer. Great Product Satisfied Customer from VT wrote … Osmocote Slow Release Food Pack 100/200 Controlled Release Plant Food Tablets. Slow release fertiliser can also remove the problems that can be caused by over feeding plants, such as nutrient burn. The role of nitrogen present in this AM Leonard Fertilizer ensures that coleus attractive foliage will develop thus making this fertilizer to be very which coleus attractive. Hihi, you're purchasing a packet of slow release fertiliser to maintain the beauty of your plants and encourage new growth. $106.49 . When applying these fertilizer sticks, make sure to apply them once at the start of spring. At your earliest convenience, please contact us at 877-220-3089. Southern Ag Controlled Release Fertilizer 14-14-14 20 lb. Buy now. Shop eBay for great deals on Osmocote Garden Fertilizers. Osmocote controlled release technology feeds for up to six months, releasing nutrients only when plants need them so there is less excess and leaching keeping our environment healthy. For product information please click the icons below: Osmocote Exact Hi. osmocote plant food vegetable fertilizer osmocote fertilizer slow release fertilizer plant food indoor plant food. Read 3 Reviews Write a Review. GST) Add to Cart Details. Free postage. This is usually over six months but can be up to a full year. For anyone who prefers a slow-release fertilizer, Osmocote is a must-have. Price. Osmocote - Slow Release fertilizer. It's 4-month, 15-9-12 formula has become the industry standard for slow-release plant food. Description ; Additional information ; Reviews 1; Description. The main advantage is that the plants get the right nutrients when they require it, without the compost becoming depleted. Osmocote Flower and Vegetable Smart-Release Plant Food 8 Lb. This bag contains 50 pounds of fertilizer. It has a predetermined longevity and can be used in a wide variety of growing situations. 2 years ago. Osmocote 14+14+14 is able to last up to 3 months after application. Osmocote Plus 15-9-12 Slow Release Fertilizer, 5-6 month; Osmocote® Plus 15-9-12 Slow Release Fertilizer, 5-6 month. If you apply it at the beginning of the season, they’re going to last all the way to the end of it. Osmocote PrePlant Fertiliser Great For Plants Trees Shrubs 1KG Treat Your Plants. Quick view. Contains: Nitrogen (N) - 14% Phosphorous (P) - 14% Potassium (K) - 14%. Strict Use: Not more than 10gms-15gms in Bonsai for 6 months. Osmocote 14+14+14 is a slow-release fertilizer that promotes overall plant health and growth. Osmocote Controlled Release Plant Food Tablets 25x5g. Osmocote Fertilizer 19 6 12 Slow Release 3 4 Months 50 Pound Bag is usually the most popular everything brought out this few days. £4.99 £ 4. Bonsai Fertilizer - Osmocote - Smart Slow Release Plant Food quantity. Anyway, for the OP, there is no real way to tell you how much to use. 5 out of 5 stars (3 ) Total Ratings 3, $9.16 New. How To Apply Osmocote Fertilizer. Price. How doers get more done ™ Need Help? Related products. It is best for those forgetful gardeners who forget to feed their plants. We recommend that you do not apply until after the 2nd leaf stage of your vegetable plants. Long Lasting Controlled Release Fertilizer 18-6-12 contains Osmocote -5 Lb. KB Fertilizer Citrus Osmocote Slow Release Granular Citrus & Plants Mediterranee. Miracle-Gro (unless using the new continuous-feed, shake-able formulation) is a water soluble fertilizer used every other week or so. You'll find new or used products in Osmocote Garden Fertilizers on eBay. Other options New from £4.39. Best for Gardens: Jack's Classic All Purpose Water Soluble Plant Food Buy on Amazon. Free Shipping on all orders over Rs. Rather than releasing a quick rush of nutrients, it’s nutrients are released slowly over a longer period of time. I feed in early spring and again in mid-summer. Check the entire range of Scotts Australia products online today! Free: Download This FREE eBook, "The Gardener's Secret Handbook" Today. 3.

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