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1855 Iowa rail map ; 1902 Iowa rail map ; Historical Railroad Maps from the United States Library of Congress With the completion of the new line, the Hook and Eye became the old line. A new map for travellers through the United States of America showing the railways, canals & stage roads, with the distances. NZ Rail Maps - Facebook information page. Oceania; Region. As America's first and most famous Transcontinental Railroad, the Union Pacific's Overland Route changed the face, feel, and finances of our country with contributions from industry giants like George Pullman, Andrew Carnegie, and George Westinghouse. A mileage chart entitled "Rail Road Routes from Seaboard to the Interior" appears at lower right of map. Diagram of the United States of America, Mexico, the West India Islands and Isthmus of Darien; by W. T. Steiger, General Land Office. About Us . Mitchell's map of the United States : showing the principal travelling turnpike and common roads, on which are given the distances in miles from one place to another, also the courses of ... Map of the United States of North America with parts of the adjacent countries. Or, you can see abandoned railroad routes of a particular railroad company: There are currently 1,715 abandonments featured, along with 1,412 railroads. Parallel Histories: Spain, the United States, and the American Frontier. of Washington Territory. Indian and military reservation are shown; land offices and lighthouses are also indicated. South America; Old Maps Online. (La.) Europe; Region. Canals are shown in red and yellow. Includes distance chart and view of "Main building centennial exhibition, Philadelphia, 1876." One of the earliest maps to indicate an operating railroad west of the Mississippi River, from St. Louis to Jefferson City. (La.) LC Railroad maps, 5 Available also through the Library of Congress Web site... Mitchell, S. Augustus (Samuel Augustus) - Mitchell, S. Augustus. Adams Express Co Baltimore Division - Lang 1885 - 23 x 32, Alabama and Tennessee River Railroad - Colton 1865 - 23 x 25, Alabama and Tennessee River Railroad - Colton 1867 - 23 x 24.34, Alabama Railroad - Hoyer 1850 - 23 x 30.01, Alabama Railroads - Rand McNally 1888 - 23 x 37.15, Alaska Excursion Steamers Northern Pacific - Poole 1891 - 23 x 47, Alaska Yukon and British Columbia - Marsh 1904 - 23 x 40.48, Albemarle and Pantego Railroad Connections 1887 - 23 x 35, American Central Railway - Bien 1886 - 23 x 60.70, American Union Railroads - Haasis 1866 - 23 x 34.08, Arizona Proposed Territory - Gray 1857 - 23 x 45.31. Map of the United States compiled from the latest and most accurate surveys by Amos Lay, geographer & map publisher, New York. Map of the eastern half of the United States and part of Canada showing drainage, state boundaries, cities and towns, roads, railroads, and canals. Detailed map of the eastern United States to about the 97th Meridian. Employees . 95. By producing and distributing maps of their rail lines, the railroad companies documented their own history as well as the history of our nation. Old Railroad Tracks old abandoned railroad tracks, in Indiana. Indicates drainage, state boundaries and shows many cities and towns with distances along roads and railroads. Centennial American Republic and railroad map of the United States and of the Dominion of Canada. Indicates canals, railroads and the "Route Nationale" between Cumberland, Md., and Vandalia, Ill. Shows projected railroads between Cumberland and Vandalia, between New Orleans and Nashville, and between Cincinnati and Columbia, S.C. "Voies de communication" are indicated in five colors. [KAUFMAN HENDERSON FANNIN WISE COLLIN ROCKWALL PARKER HOOD JOHNSON DENTON ELLIS … Map of the projected railway from Harrisburg to Pittsburg [sic], with proposed extension to Cleveland, Wooster, Sandusky, Toledo, Cincinnati; Michigan City, Chicago, Galena, Rock Island, St. Louis, &a; in connection with the ... Geography and Map Reading Room, Guide to the Collections. Lines, expressed as route=railwayrelations, that see active, regular rail traffic, whether freight, industrial or passenger. Summer isotherms are in red, winter isotherms are in blue. [From published bibliography]. Single Issue Magazine $24.95 $ 24. OpenRailwayMap - An OpenStreetMap-based project for creating a map of the world's railway infrastructure. Indian tribes are indicated west of the Mississippi River. It is sometimes hard to find maps of railway networks for railfans, showing double tracks and electrified lines. In some cases (yards, stations, repair facilities, etc.) Check our system map and see for yourself. Contains route profiles for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, the Columbia Railroad, Pa., and the Massachusetts railroads. One of the earliest general maps of the eastern United States showing railroads in operation. Old Texas Railroad Maps Prev 1 2 Next . Images. Asia; Region. Indian tribes... Lippincott, Grambo & Co. - Williams, W. - Williams, W. (Wellington). [From published bibliography], Sherman & Smith - Smith, J. Calvin - Smith, J. Calvin (John Calvin), Map of the eastern half of the United States showing relief by hachures, drainage, major cities and towns, canals, roads, telegraph lines, railroads, and unfinished railroads. Price: $36.95 Details. Includes notes within map. The railroad tracks were 110 years old and had been paved over when the rail service ended. If the track has been removed within the last ten years, a standard USGS topographic map should show it. ; rail roads, canals, and other details. That is why I decided to draw mine for some countries. Showing also the island of Cuba. Upon which are delineated its vast works of internal communication, routes across the continent &c. Mitchell's new traveller's guide through the United States, showing the rail roads, canals, stage roads &c. with distances from place to place. Train Sunset Tracks. Shows longitude west from Greenwich and Washington. All other trademarks remain the property of their respective owners. With 20,000 miles of track, access to 70 ports and nationwide transloading and warehousing services, we've got what it takes to move your business. Railroad Maps. Map of the United States and territories showing the extent of public surveys, Indian and military reservations, land grant R.R. & C.B. In 1995, Ed accepted the position as Train Master at the Virginia Southern Railroad in Keysville, Virginia, for RailTex. Railroad Tracks Railroad. Quick View. We have a fairly complete collection of Santa Fe right-of-way track maps from 1915 with revisions, running from Ash Fork through Prescott to Phoenix, with branches to Clarkdale and Mayer. Consolidated Southern Railway - Colton 1883 - 23 x 30.03. 1914 Railroad Commission of Louisiana Atlas: Old River & Kissatchie R.R. Go back to see more maps of New Mexico  U.S. Maps. State Railroad Map TRAVEL INFORMATION Texas Department of Transportation Transportation Planning and Programming Division Data Analysis, Mapping and Reporting Branch in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration 2016 °!![![![![![![![! Images. This is a list of all freight railroad (not streetcar or rapid transit) lines that have been built in Massachusetts, and does not deal with ownership changes from one company to another.The lines are named by the first company to build or consolidate them. Start browsing abandoned routes by clicking on a state in the U.S. map below. "Entered according to the act of Congress, July 10th 1839, by David H. Burr, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Columbia." Each print is a full-color 11"x14" map, suitable for framing. Shoes Walking. Steiger, W. T. - United States. Wikipedia > nhrhta.org > The New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association : Central New England Railway (CNE) Wikipedia > New York and New England Railroad … Select an area on the map of France to view a detailed map of that region. Shows roads, canals, and railroads. $3.99 shipping. 3" (PDF). It is possible to navigate from one map to the next by clicking on arrows along the edges of each map. A new map of the United States. Outline map of the United States and Middle America showing proposed routes of the Pacific Rail Road and its branches in connection with the various systems of existing and unfinished rail roads from the Mississippi Valley to the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Our beautiful display maps show routes and connections as well as displaying rail elevation profiles, owned lines, leased lines, and points of interest for travelers. Vault Contributor: Koerner, P. W. Oscar - Florida Railroad Company Date: 1860; Map Drew's new map of the state of Florida, showing the townships by the U.S. Train Railroad Dark. General map of the eastern United States showing drainage, state boundaries, and place names. Topography is indicated by hachures only in the inset of California. It’s recumbent, peddles much easier then a regular street bike, comfortable big seats with high backs, 6 feet long. General Land Office. [From published bibliography]. | Jan 1, 2020. Includes drainage, canals, and cities and towns. The great American railroads opened up the West, unified the nation — and changed the face of America forever. Quick View. By clicking on a blue city name, you can access directly to a map of urban transport for that city. … They show a lot of track that currently does not exist. Africa; Region. Since, little by little and whith a help from some other railfans who took charge of some countries, we reached a quite complete covering of Europe. 4.8 out of 5 stars 6. Prime meridians: Washington D.C. and Greenwich. (Philadelphia, 1836). Suppliers . He began his railroad career in 1990 at the North Carolina & Virginia Railroad as an Engineer/Conductor for RailTex. [From published bibliography]. Cal Rasmussen Beaverton, OR Columbia Gorge Route (Phase 1 track about 80% complete. Indicates concentric circles at 100-mile intervals from New York City. Resource: Sketch map of the eastern half of the United States showing major mountain ridges by hachures. Emergencies: Mobile Menu. (La.) Collectors, railroad enthusiasts, and antique map buffs alike will love our beautifully restored vintage map prints. Covers area between Massachusetts and Virginia and west to the Mississippi River. NZ Rail Maps - Main Site. Subcategories. Train Locomotive. Map of the Abandoned Rails of Oregon. And the vintage maps are chock-full of historical information! 1931 USDA Soil Survey Map: Old River & Kissatchie R.R. To use this index, search for an address or town, click on the red box and a pop-up window will appear listing all maps at this location. All rights reserved. Map of the canals & rail roads of the United States reduced from the large map of the U.S. Map of the canals & rail roads of the United States, reduced from the large map of the U.S.; engraved by J. Knight. Map Archive - Connecticut Railroads and Trolleys Links to Connecticut Historical Railroad and Trolley Maps - Click on any map thumbnail for a larger map - Connecticut Railroads in 1893 : The New Haven and Hartford (NH) 1956 . Price: $36.95 Details. We are constantly adding old railroad maps to our already extensive collection. Description: This map shows railroads in New Mexico. New Zealand Rail Maps provides free high-quality maps of the national railway network of New Zealand. North America; Region. Subway Underground City. Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. - Drake, Ira S. Detailed map showing drainage, state and county boundaries, place names, steamboat routes, and railroad network. The working lines are in blue, proposed lines are in green. Denver Texas and Ft Worth Railroad - Northrup 1888 - 23 x 33. Upon which are delineated its vast works of internal communication, routes across the continent &c. showing also Canada and the Island of Cuba. Heritage . General map of the eastern half of the United States, framed in decorative borders, indicating drainage, state boundaries, major cities and towns, roads, railroads, canals, and distances. Maps are 1:4800 scale, with four miles of track shown on 56 x 24 inch sheets. Gleise Rails Train. The maps I am using for Columbia Gorge are dated ten years ago even though I bought them this year. One of the earliest maps to indicate an operating railroad west of the Mississippi River, from St. Louis to Jefferson City. Investors . Comptroller of the Treasury Justin P. Wilson State Capitol Nashville, TN 37243-9034 615.741.2775 To Report Fraud, Waste & Abuse: Submit a report online here or call the toll-free hotline at 1.800.232.5454 Careers. Detailed general map of portions of North America framed in decorative borders showing drainage, international and state boundaries, cities and towns, forts, railroads in operation, and proposed lines. All maps are licensed for re-use under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike NZ 3.0. A new map for travelers through the United States of America showing the railroads, canals & stage roads with the distances. The Santa Fe Railroad opened up the West — and set the standard for luxury. Choose from antique maps of dozens of railroads and regions. [From published bibliography]. Unauthorized use of any such materials is illegal and infringing under U.S. laws and the laws of other countries. World Related places: Region. The Prescott Depot is shown above, with a larger station plat available. Railroads are shown in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina, and a very small part of North Carolina from Rock Island to the northern boundary. Home; About Us; Reference; Maps of the Union Pacific Current Public UP Maps. ©Copyright 2020. by Maps of the Past, LLC. Share on Looking for Google Maps API Alternative? … The Railroad Map is TxDOT's railroad dataset, which is used for mapping and transportation planning purposes. That’s what earned it a place on Andrew Grigg’s map. Though created for practical purposes, these old railroad maps make gorgeous decorative pieces. 262 362 34. Topography is indicated by hachures only in the inset of California. 142 203 4. . Colton & Co. 1871. And the vintage maps are chock-full of historical information! (1934-07-19). Quick View. Colton, J. H. (Joseph Hutchins) - Colton, J. H. Indicates location and date of engagements, towns, railroads, state and county boundaries, and rivers. Station plats are 1:1200 scale. Night trains are represented on a separate map. Detailed map of the eastern half of the United States showing relief by hachures, drainage, cities and towns, counties, roads, and railroads. Indicates "practicable railroad lines," and "proposed railroad lines." Colton's rail-road and military map of the United States, Mexico, the West Indies, &c. Lloyd's new county map of the United States and Canadas showing battle fields, railroads, &c., compiled from the latest government surveys & other reliable & official sources, drawn and engraved by SchÆ¡nberg ... Colton's railroad & commercial map of the United States and Canada; compiled, engraved and published by G.W.

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