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This can be achieved by mentioning your interests outside of work, by making a joke or laughing at something amusing said by the person interviewing you, and/or by asking thoughtful questions. These include your organization’s history, mission, vision for the future and more. Now, it's time to show off your fundraising skills and land the job as development director at a nonprofit with a cause you love. What Factors Affect Expectations in an Interview? There are many factors that shape the role of executive director at your nonprofit. Working at a non-profit job is a rewarding experience. Also, I knew my strengths. Make sure to wear something that is appropriate. Plus, it gives you relevant experience to discuss in an executive-level interview. Also, you may be asked if you have talents in areas other than the ones you anticipate using in the position you're pursuing. In forming a list of interview questions, it helps to think about the duties that an executive director is expected to perform and how that role relates to, and interacts with other roles within the organization. To interview for an executive-level position can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.. There is no cheat sheet of common questions and answers that can be expected in an executive interview – no list of questions that a potential board director can prep for. 4. There are actionable steps you can take to increase your odds of getting the offer you want. Specifics matter. The director’s job in the corporate sector or the academic sector is difficult and quite complex; as you have to work understanding and according to the inner politics and necessities of the job. In most cases, there’s no staff management dimension to a director’s role. If you expect to be interviewed by more than one person, tailor your questions for each individual. Prospective Executive Directors need to know how to prepare for their interviews. Why it's the right time in your career for this job; Why you're seeking to make a move at this particular time; and. How This Guide Was Developed This guide was developed in consultation with BBBS Executive Directors across Canada in both small and large agencies. Before an Interview for an Executive Level Position As with any interview, advance preparation gives you a huge advantage. There are specific executive director interview questions to ask for leadership roles. A ‘connector’. Her work appears in "The Multi-Generational Workforce in the Health Care Industry," and she has been cited in numerous publications, including journals and textbooks that focus on human resources management practices. Note: This file is available for free download. Conversely, nonprofit agencies are interested in whether you embody the values and ideals of the organization. Start with the website, which probably has financial information, staff lists, detailed information about programs, annual reports, and – in many cases – strategic planning documents. Spend some time poring over the organization's financials and program information to get a sense of its priorities and challenges, as well as who the key players in the organization are. Nonprofits are required by law to share more information than their for-profit counterparts – a huge bonus for interviewees. But don't be afraid to let who you are as a person shine through. Demonstrate Your Connection With the Mission. Focus on the "Why." Read the Interactive Guide As with any top-level role, interviewing for a public board directorship may involve a series of conversations rather than a … I cared deeply about the mission of this organization. Interviewing Skills for a Second Interview, Things Not to Put in a Resume Cover Letter, The Bridgespan Group: Insider Tips to Nonprofit Interviewing Success, The Case Foundation: Advantages and Disadvantages to Working in the Nonprofit Sector. The Path to the Boardroom is a three-part series of Executive Briefings designed to help aspiring directors land their first corporate board seat. … By following these five tips, you'll be prepared for any interview at any organization. The research you do in advance of the interview should help you in preparing a long list of questions for the interviewer. Interviewing is a critical skill for any executive, whether you're a nonprofit leader or work in the for-profit sector. Though the search chair leads the committee, co-chairs should have the ability and authority to lead in … From nonprofit to nonprofit, executive directors play different roles in shaping organizational culture and success. Sure, you’ll likely happen upon plenty of qualified candidates. For example, identify questions that are appropriate for people at your level in the organization (Why did you join the organization? Sisters agencies interview candidates for the role of Executive Director (ED). Why you believe you'll fit in well with the organization's culture. Instead, share a personal story that demonstrates your commitment to the cause and why this is an organization you are ready to dedicate yourself to. The organization will likely need to conduct multiple fundraising campaigns. The Balance Small Business Menu Go. Establishing co-chairs will help the search chair manage the tasks of executing the search and will provide backup. PND is pleased to offer articles of interest to jobseekers and prospective employers. Interview Process. A phone interview or preliminary screening, followed by at least one face-to-face interview with the organization's leader, human resources director or maybe even a member of its board of directors. In fact, some nonprofit agencies for selection committees whose members are panel interviewers and register their votes in favor of the most suitable candidate. Learn about how to interview at nonprofits and foundations. To get the director’s job you have to showcase your leadership and management skills in an interview. Interviewing is a critical skill for any executive, whether you're a nonprofit leader or work in the for-profit sector. So, whether it's child hunger, youth literacy, or microfinance, be prepared to speak directly and authentically about why you are interested in what the organization does and how it does it. The job interview has finally arrived. 5 ... Top 10 nonprofit executive director interview questions and answers Because the challenge for many nonprofit agencies is fundraising, depending on the position, your business skills also are among the qualifications you'll be expected to showcase during your interviews. The executive director role is uniquely different from members of the board, other managers, and employees, yet this role is connected with all of them. Interim executive directors have many characteristics and tasks in common with permanent executive directors. Nonprofit agencies conduct background checks, too, so you might not have a firm job offer at the end of your second interview. Nonprofit agencies with limited staffing budgets often depend on employees to work across job descriptions. This work was made possible through the generous funding of the HR Council for the Voluntary/Non-profit Sector. Job interviewing advice by nonprofit job seeking experts. 1. The funny thing is, I shouldn’t really have been so nervous. Ruth Mayhew has been writing since the mid-1980s, and she has been an HR subject matter expert since 1995. Help the ED prepare for transition. A smart and strategic person. A nonprofit job may require all the same skills and expertise as a similar role in the corporate sector, but it also requires a deep affinity with the organization's mission. But for those seeking a new role in the nonprofit sector, there are some specific interview strategies that can help you land the job of your dreams. When I think back to my job interview, I kind of have to laugh. You not only get an opportunity to contribute to something you believe in – you also get paid for it. All that remains is to wish you the best of luck! Chances are you probably won't have time to ask all of them, however, so run through your list and choose the two or three that are most important to you – both in terms of the information you really need to know and in demonstrating that you've done your homework. Visit succession consultant Don Tebbe’s executive transition website for help on preparing for this life-changing transition.

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