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Great White Shark Cage Diving in Guadalupe Island, Baja California. The Daily Grind. See more ideas about Shark cage diving, Great white shark diving, Shark conservation. Isla Guadalupe is considered one of the best places on the whole planet to view great white sharks. Shark diving incident to be investigated Probe will examine placing of the shark bait, which is governed by regulations Ready to see a Great White Shark face to face? Charters / Cage Diving / Getting there In Guadalupe white shark appear every year during long periods of time, making this island the world's most prolific location of great whites. Beginning in late winter, this pilgrimage has long baffled scientists, not just because it takes the sharks a month to get there, but the area does not seem to possess food to support their diets. Shark cage divers from around the globe flock to Isla Guadalupe but before you book your next bucket list cage diving adventure, here’s some pre trip information. Guadalupe Island has a rugged landscape with numerous shield volcanoes.The island measures 35 km (22 mi) north-south and up to 9.5 km (5.9 mi) east-west, with a total area of 244 km 2 (94 sq mi). The shark exits the dive cage off Guadalupe Island. Cage Diver Isla Guadalupe My Meeting With A Great White Shark by Sheri Lewis . Follow Up Inside look at great white shark breach diving cage in Guadalupe Island last week. Shark Diver is also proud to be supporting the ongoing Great White Shark Photo ID database at Guadalupe Island, by donating a portion of our proceeds to the Marine Conservation Science Institute. No dive experience is required. Islander Charters has been delivering world class Great White Shark cage diving since 2004. | | The Horizon crew readies the cage for diving with great white sharks off the coast of Guadalupe.|. For the Guadalupe Island trips, you will be breathing from a surface supplied air source or hookah. Great white sharks spend autumn and winter at Guadalupe Island before journeying to an isolated stretch of the Pacific Ocean between Baja California and Hawaii dubbed the "White Shark Café." For a while the cage diving operations were banned. This volcanic island only has a population of 213 people and measures 35km (21mi) by 9km (6mi), but it provides liveaboard divers with the best spot in the world to go cage diving with Great White sharks . Pricing varies by vessel and accommodations class, but starts at $3354.75 per person and includes onboard accommodations, meals, non-alcoholic beverages and multiple dive days with lots of cage time. Only Guadalupe Island can boast shark viewing in beautiful clear blue water with 125 – 150 foot visibility. Enjoy Isla Guadalupe White Shark Adventures. Certified divers can use scuba equipment while cage diving at 30 feet (10 meters). A Guadalupe Island liveaboard is the only way you can get to dive this region of Mexico. Since you will not be using SCUBA, you do not need a SCUBA certification to join our Guadalupe Island trips and participate in the surface cage diving. Shark diving Guadalupe. We have identified 322 unique great white sharks in the bay where we stage our submersible cage diving operations which guarantees unforgettable encounters. Due to national and international wildlife regulations, shark cage diving is currently the main legal activity to get a face-to-snout encounter with this vulnerable species. The two main reasons for such an illustrious title are the unprecedented large number of great whites in the area and the crystal clear blue waters that open a window onto the unparalleled view of the ocean below. Feb 11, 2018 - Great White Shark Diving For Everyone America's Shark Boat specializes in taking non certified divers, or first time shark divers, into the exciting world of great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias). White Shark Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island We specialize in taking non certified divers, or first time shark divers, into the exciting world of great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias). Dive with us and discover hands on shark research and shark conservation at Guadalupe Island. The Ultimate Great White Shark Cage Diving Company in North America. Book Today In Help support sharks by supporting commercial shark diving operations that are making a real difference. No diving certifications required! . Non-divers must use a hookah system and stay in a cage at the surface. Still pumped on adrenaline, we hunker down for the evening aboard the live-aboard Horizon as Paul "Doc" Anes of San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions brings us up to speed on Guadalupe's sharkiness. Sharks are sometimes injured by cages and killed. These animals are very interested in checking out the divers. Guadalupe Island sharks best value cage diving direct departures from San Diego, Ca. Guadalupe Island great white shark cage diving. Spend three adrenaline-filled days cage diving in multiple shark cages. They have over 18 years of cage diving experience and know many of the visiting sharks. Located 250 miles east southwest of the port of Ensenada, Baja California, Guadalupe Island is very close to the San Diego area US-Mexico border. Dive Isla Guadalupe. Our goals at Shark Diver are to be advocates for our sharks and our cage diving industry while delivering top shark species encounters to our divers, media outlets, and research partners. Experience your own Real Shark Week and find out what it's like to come face to face with the Ocean's most feared predators. 5 Star reviews on Facebook! The passionate team at the M/V Horizon specialise in taking non-certified divers into the water with great white sharks and offer the chance to discover shark research and shark conservation at Guadalupe Island. The New Zealand courts have gone back and forth over whether shark cage diving is an offense under their Wildlife Act. Guests on this particular trip are not required to have any scuba diving experience or certifications if they limit their diving to the two surface cages. I lowered myself into the cage and once I felt comfortable with my breathing, I started looking and turning and looking. Guadalupe Island, Mexico Great White Shark Dive bullpenstudio 2019-05-02T12:29:32-04:00 Beyond the horizon of Western Mexico lies the legendary island of Guadalupe. The volcanic island of Guadalupe has some of the best shark cage diving in the world due to clear waters and consistent sightings. Last Thursday, December 5th 2019, Arturo Islas Allende broadcasted a video in social media about a cage diving incident with a white shark in Guadalupe Island, Mexico, which made a big impression in many of us because the integrity of the animal was severely affected. White Shark Diving in guadaupe island Shark diving in Guadalupe is the most exciting adventure for both certified and non-certified divers since you won´t be using scuba tanks, instead, you will be breathing from surface supplied air. Guadalupe is not your usual diving destination – it is one of the world’s most outstanding great white shark cage-diving destinations. The Guadalupe White Shark Great white sharks are older than the dinosaurs, and clearly have outlived them, too. It also fuels the fire for the argument against the practise of shark cage diving, but lets be realistic here, this is just one incident amongst thousands … Unlike the way the media portrays them, they are not mindless eating machines and often ignore the tuna heads and simply swim by to check out the divers. There's usually one key reason for diving in Guadalupe - and that's to see the mighty great white sharks. The unique volcanic island of Guadalupe and its dive sites normally have 30 metres visibility, often multiple sharks per dive and pristine conditions; it is nothing short of great white shark heaven!. Our shark divers come here for 100 foot visibility, GIANT Great Whites, and all but guaranteed shark […] Guadalupe Island: Amazing Great White Shark Diving - See 44 traveler reviews, 79 candid photos, and great deals for Baja California, Mexico, at Tripadvisor. A 17-foot great white shark bit into a cage full of divers and shook it with considerable force in a close encounter at Guadalupe Island. It slowly bled to death. It’s important to note that both certified divers and non-divers can participate in Great White Shark diving near Guadalupe Island. Cage Diving Adventures at Guadalupe Island Shark cage divers from all over the globe have been coming to Guadalupe Island to cage dive with Great White Sharks aboard America’s Shark Boat out of San Diego, Ca since 2000. At Guadalupe Island, great white sharks approach the cages and divers VERY closely making this the most thrilling white shark encounter in the world. A land born of volcanic activity, draped in fog, guarded by the oceans most recognized and respected predator. We offer 5 day all-inclusive trips to Guadalupe Island, Mexico – the mecca for Great White Sharks. Great White Adventures offers underwater shark cage diving adventures in submersible cages and aboard the Pelagic Explorer Great white shark diving season at Isla Guadalupe is mid-July through early November. Great White Shark at Guadalupe Island swimming close to our divers. Guadalupe Island; a tiny island off the west coast of Mexico which is still part of the Baja California state. In 2019, off Mexico’s Guadalupe Island, a white shark rammed into a cage of tourists and became stuck. The shark is always portrayed as the villain of the piece and the truth of the story is rarely reported. Travel to the crystal clear waters of Isla Guadalupe, Mexico, aboard a luxury liveaboard custom-built for smooth sailing in rough waters. My heart was beating like crazy and I had to remind myself, "I can do this, just breathe". Shark Diving Xperts is dedicated to giving scuba diving enthusiasts, non divers, film makers and shark lovers from across the globe the ultimate great white shark cage diving experience, right here in Guadalupe!

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