gardening with hip arthritis

A wooden fence that’s been put up properly and treated with preservative will last for many years without attention and can be used as a support for climbing plants. This is also good for bringing wildlife into your garden. Try raised beds: To avoid having to bend over too much, try to use raised beds for your gardening. Yes, a report by ABC News demonstrates that gardening helps with joint flexibility and bone density–both essential for people with arthritis. You can fill them from time to time with a hose if you need to, and dip a small watering can into the tanks when you need to water the plants. For plants that you plan to move, you can save your joints by using lightweight Styrofoam or plastic pots. If you need a wheelbarrow, choosing one with two wheels and a bar-type handle can be helpful. Start by identifying any potential limitations, and finding a way around each one. Make sure the mower is stored somewhere that you can get to easily. The deeper the water, the har… Stop and smell the roses and have a glass of lemonade. The following tips should help to avoid flare-ups: Don’t feel you have to carry on until you finish the job. Annual weeds should be hoed while they’re young and easy to deal with. The most common symptom of hip arthritis and usually the first to develop is groin pain, while pain in the front of the thigh and/or buttock pain may follow. Ergonomic garden tools help you maintain your favorite outdoor hobby with ease and maximum joint protection.People with arthritis are gardening with pain and overburdened joints. "Gardeners are a stubborn lot," Bouley says. Many manufacturers now include handles on their compost bags, which makes them much easier to carry. Some manufacturers also produce ‘ratchet loppers’ – these have a mechanism which will hold the blades in place if you need to stop mid-cut. Slip a spongy rubber sleeve over the handle of a hoe or rake to increase your grip. … Instead of using your fingers to lift an object, try using the flat palm of your hand, your forearms or even your elbows. The typical pain from hip arthritis is located in the groin thigh or buttock. Hip arthritis is a common condition that causes problems with the ball-and-socket joint at the junction of the pelvis and lower extremity. In fact, it is a positive distraction from the day-to-day tasks that take most of our attention. Even raising the soil level a small amount will make the bed easier to manage. Use lightweight or long-handled tools, and carry items in a wheelbarrow. The loaded tool is pushed along the drill, emptying seed as it goes along. Gardening can still be very enjoyable with arthritis. The term arthritis literally means “inflammation of the joint.” There are different types of arthritis that can affect the hip. Scatter a layer of gravel over the top to hold down the polythene and improve the border’s appearance. If your soil is light and crumbly, use a border fork instead of a spade – it’s lighter and moves through the soil more easily. Having seating in your garden will encourage you to pace yourself and take frequent breaks, especially if it’s placed in the areas you work in most. You can do all cultivation, planting, weeding, feeding and harvesting from the paths using long-handled tools. The blade is smaller so you won’t be tempted to dig large spadefuls. Aim for a balance between exercising your joints and muscles to stay mobile without straining them. With a special handle to reduce strain on the wrist, the Easi-Grip Garden Fork with Soft Handle is the perfect tool for anyone with arthritis in their hand or wrist, but who still wants to get up close to the ground when gardening. This will prevent you from having to stoop or bend, but be sure to stand up and stretch out from time to time. It helps to develop physical stamina, balance, and excellent hand-eye coordination. Because the soil isn’t compacted, you can sow more root crops than normal – the growing plants push each other sideways in the easily crumbled soil. A few shortcuts and adaptations can make gardening possible for anyone, says Heidi Sibert, a landscape architect at James Martin Associates in Chicago. I might add that gardening tools with bigger grips are easier on the joints as well. Pain and … Some services may be fulfilled by Versus Arthritis Trading Ltd. Download gardening arthritis information booklet. Although this only deals with one weed at a time, it saves raking together and picking the weeds up afterwards. A good pair of gloves will also help you to grip more easily. You assumed you’d just pulled a muscle, and it got better over the following week or two. If they’re big, fill them 1/3 full with Styrofoam peanuts, which will help with drainage and reduce their weight. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Place the wrapped bag on the area of your body which suffers from arthritis for a while before you go out into the garden. These include raised bed, tabletop, container, hanging basket, and tower or trellis gardens. While traditional gardening usually refers to raising plants in a ground-level plot, other types of gardens can be advantageous for those with arthritis. Heavy tubs can be put on wheels in case you need to move them around. You can buy tools to help you pick up garden rubbish without bending. When you’re gardening, arthritis pain can build if you don’t rest your joints properly. Another way to achieve these goals is to add an all natural joint supplement to your daily diet. However, walking in the water provides great exercise as well because of the resistance. Heavy clay can be made lighter by digging in manure or compost. Make sure the staging in your greenhouse is at the right height – you should be able to work comfortably while sitting on a chair. Try to use tools with padded handles, and have regular breaks or do other jobs in between. Versus Arthritis was formed in 2018 following a merger of Arthritis Care and Arthritis Research UK. Crystals are also available for mixing in with standard compost. Make sure your helper understands that the aim is to allow you to manage your garden yourself and doesn’t take on more than you really want them to. Weeding Out Pain: Gardening doesn't have to hurt for arthritis sufferers. Related Resources: Vary activities: Change to another gardening activity every thirty minutes so you are using different joints and muscles. Your email address will not be published. Keep items close to your body as you carry them. If you prefer a manual mower, look for one with a single horizontal handlebar rather than two separate handles – you can then do some of the pushing with your stomach to reduce strain on your arms and wrists. If you want to grow tomatoes and courgettes outside but your soil isn’t good enough, you can use growbags. Many fruit and vegetables can also be grown in hanging baskets which can make them easier to tend and harvest. Well-earned, frequent breaks allow you to appreciate your garden’s beauty, plan your next tasks and get more done before fatigue begins. You can add attachments that lengthen tool handles to gain leverage. Arthritis is one of the most common causes of pain in the hip. If a task causes difficulty or discomfort, it may help to speak to an occupational therapist. You can do this sitting down if it’s easier. Look in the boxes below to find out more. It also makes it easier to dig in the future. Osteoarthritis of the hip. Stand or sit up straight while you work, and change positions often. You can make a larger handle by wrapping cycling tape around the handles. You can buy fruit trees that have been grafted onto dwarfing rootstocks. Thankfully, there are some activities that you can avoid or modify to prevent pain, decrease inflammation, and reduce stiffness. It's a good idea to have firm paths alongside beds and borders, especially if you find it difficult to keep your balance on uneven ground, so you can tend to most of the area without having to step onto the soil. Well-rotted manure spread over the surface can be incorporated into the soil with the soil miller. With just a few adjustments, you can do it on any scale and indulge your preference for flowers, vegetables or landscaping plants. The following companies supply gardening equipment. Aim for a balance between exercising your joints … The hip is commonly affected by arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis (OA). Gardening is a really good form of exercise, but doing some actions over and over can lead to Swelling (inflammation) and pain if you have arthritis, and you may need to rest completely until the flare-up passes. Gardening is a really good form of exercise, but doing some actions over and over can lead to Swelling (inflammation) and pain if you have arthritis, and you may need to rest completely until the flare-up passes. Author: SHARON LIAO. The following tools may make things a little easier: A ratchet pruner takes less effort to cut through twigs than most secateurs. Gardening can be a great form of exercise and activity for people of all ages. You may notice pain in your hip, groin, buttock and/or thigh areas, felt as sharp pain or an ache. Clustering buildings saves carrying pots, compost and seed trays unnecessarily. This is especially great for apartments and small yards. Just fill a large zip lock baggie with ice and surround it with a soft cloth. Lawns need mowing regularly throughout the summer, so if you’re often away from home and don’t have  help it may be worth replacing the lawn with a low-maintenance area such as paving or gravel. Gardening is a really good form of exercise, but doing some actions over and over can lead to Swelling and pain if you have arthritis, and you may need to rest completely until the flare-up passes. A common pattern goes something like this: you were doing some exercise – gardening, perhaps – and you suddenly felt a sharp pain in your groin or thigh, or a dull ache afterwards. My wife has been complaining of joint pain when she’s out maintaining her garden and I’m really worried about her. Arthritis of the Hip. Plants like elephant’s ears, cranesbill, lavender and periwinkle backed by shrubs such as barberry, escallonia, senecio and viburnum can take care of themselves for long periods once their roots are deep in the soil. Adding sharp sand or grit lets air into the soil, making it easier for roots to bed in. Garden seating shouldn’t be too low and should have a supportive backrest. It will be a great hobby to be able again! You can even avoid digging the border soil by using growbags for tomatoes and cucumbers. Along with some new tools, I think taking her to a professional could really help make sure there aren’t major issues down the line with her joints. 207711, SC041156. Hanging-baskets keep their moisture longer in light shade, and plants like fuchsias, ivy-leafed geraniums, lobelias and Busy Lizzies grow well in these conditions. This is often how arthritis starts: with a variable pain that comes and goes but gradually becomes more established. Most lawnmowers have power-driven blades and many electric models are fairly light to push. Thermostatically controlled fan heaters, automatic vent openers and capillary watering systems can help to to provide the right growing conditions with little effort from you. A raised frame with a hinged lid covered with lightweight corrugated plastic sheeting and connected to a pulley and counterbalance weight is much safer and easier to manage. You can use containers to make sure you can work at a height that’s suitable for you. With hip osteoarthritis (OA), the cartilage that cushions your joints wears away, causing friction, damage to the bones, and inflammation. If you can’t get help lifting bags of compost, especially from the boot of a car, think about buying two small bags instead of one large one. Gardening can be a pain-free hobby for people living with arthritis—all you need is a little planning and creativity. A weed puller has a steel blade that you push into the ground alongside the weed. Water is up to 12 times more resistant than air, which enables a person with arthritis in the hip to exercise pain free while simultaneously strengthening the muscles as he would if he were walking. These are the gardening jobs that we cover - getting ready, digging, weeding, mowing and lawn maintenance, pruning, trimming hedges, sweeping and raking, watering, sowing seeds, planting out, growing in containers and tips on garden design. Look after gardening cutters and keep them sharp so they're easier to use. If you need a greenhouse, potting shed, tool shed and cold frame, try to place them near each other. Here are a few ideas: If you find it difficult to bend or stoop to work in your garden, bring the garden closer to you! It is often most noticeably when you walk, climb stairs, stand up from a seated position, squat and/or first get out of bed in the morning. You may need help to dig the plot to start with, but then you won’t need to do any more digging for several years. Required fields are marked *. You'll be closer to the ground so you can use shorter, lighter tools. Other causes include dislocations, poor nutrition or bone problems suffered an at earlier age. You can also use a mini-trampoline to improve your balance. Keep your elbows tucked in to reduce the strain on your shoulders and elbows. Try switching from one task to another after 20 minutes so that you rest some joints and exercise different ones for a while. Osteoarthritis in your hips often causes difficulty moving your hip joints. Island beds in lawns make mowing more complicated. There is no need to give up gardening just because you have arthritis! You can grow annual bedding plants, heathers, herbs, spring bulbs and even dwarfing vegetables and fruit trees in this way. Spades with extra-long handles make it easier to move the soil and reduce the need to bend. Arthritis is a common cause of hip pain and mobility changes. Gardening with Arthritis: Tips for Preventing Joint Pain. Gripping and squeezing pruning tools over a length of time can hurt finger joints. In part because I was diagnosed with RA, 16 years ago.I know enough about gardening to know the back-breaking work a garden can take to prepare and maintain. You can ease the pain by investing in some adaptive gardening tools and make gardening fun again! A two-handed lopper will give good leverage without much effort and can be held lightly against your palms and wrists, protecting your finger joints from strain. If you’re buying a new mower, try to choose a lightweight model with a large-grip handlebar and easy-to-push buttons. When arthritis occurs, the normal joint becomes inflamed and painful. You can leave spaces for growing suitable plants, or you could grow plants in pots on the paved/gravelled area. Indeed, some patients may think they have a pulled groin muscle, not arthritis. For example, you may find it difficult to put your shoes and socks on or to get in and out of a car. Sibert, who has psoriatic arthritis, is a passionate proponent of a horticultural approach called enabling gardens. It’s also easier to clean afterwards. Or you could use a nylon cord trimmer that operates vertically – you simply walk along holding it against the edge of the lawn. They key for people with arthritis is to keep your garden within easy reach. Growing plants in these 4 English trimming shears can be used for light trimming after the flowering of heathers and lavender. If you find walking difficult, avoid too many journeys up and down the garden by taking all the things you need in a wheelbarrow, bucket or trug. Lavender and box make good low hedges for dividing up the garden. Alternatively, you can dig a hole using a long-handled trowel, put the plant on the blade and lower it into the soil. AtcoGGP UK Limited Unit 8 Bluewater Estate Bell Close Plympton Plymouth PL7 4JH Phone: 0800 669, A Wright & Son Ltd475 Ecclesall Road Sheffield S11 8PP Phone: 0114 268 5701 Email:, Burgon & Ball Ltd Burgon & Ball La Plata Works, Holme Lane Sheffield S6 4JY Phone: 0114 233 8262 Email:, CulverwellsStation Road Robertsbridge East Sussex TN32 5DG Phone: 01580 880567 Email:, Darlac LtdUnit E, Deseronto Trading Estate St Marys Road Langley Berkshire SL3 7EW Phone: 01753 547790, Eden Greenhouses LtdThe Distribution Centre Stoke Road Stoke Orchard, nr. Keep your hedges low so you don’t need to stretch too much to trim them. For a more temporary or portable solution, you can grow your garden in pots or other containers. This is a good tool for use with a deep-bed system. You may need to get help with some of the heavier jobs, especially if you’re making changes to the layout of your garden. But then… it came back again. They’ll help you to understand why the task is causing pain and suggest changes to the way you do tasks or tools that will reduce the strain. This will cause less strain on your hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders. Stop and smell the roses and have a glass of lemonade. But there are different types of arthritis, including psoriatic arthritis, that may be the culprit. You can also buy or make your own ‘seed tapes’, which are strips of soft paper with seeds attached at even spaces. Traditional herbaceous borders need a lot of attention. In some of our lives there comes a time when illness, injury, arthritis, or even disease affects our physical capabilities in the garden. Planting out summer bedding plants involves a lot of bending. To keep the border tidy, you can fit a rake with a smaller head for raking between plants. Cordless battery-operated mowers are now available. There are numerous adaptive gardening tools that have been developed for people with arthritis. You can see more of our tips and ideas for helpful gardening tools. If you have free-draining borders that are in full sun, it’s best to use them for growing drought-resistant plants such as wallflowers, rosemary, broom and cotton lavender, which come to no harm if they dry out for a few days. When I was in kindergarten, my class planted a crocus garden that bloomed for years until an addition to the school paved over the field. Below are some tips, tricks, tools, and products to help keep us happily gardening into our golden years. Wooden handrails alongside steps are also helpful. Closing the handle grips the weed and pulls it out. Your email address will not be published. Try standing with feet together and eyes closed; standing with one foot slightly ahead of the other; standing and slowly bringing each knee toward the chest; and kicking each leg to the side while standing. A row of fruit trees grown as cordons makes a decorative hedge, perhaps to separate an ornamental garden from the vegetable plot. Hip arthritis pain involves the front area of the groin." This will help reduce the amount of watering you need to do. The weight of the contents rests mainly on the axle rather than on your arms. If you don't want to use a weed puller, you can collect small amounts of weeds and leaves in a bucket or bag. In fact, research has shown that gardening develops bone density as well as does weight training. Much of the pain of arthritis is caused by inflammation, and ice works wonders to ease this. A border spade is lighter and easier to handle than a digging spade. Thanks to its adjustable seat height you can use it to conveniently for various garden activities such as picking strawberries, snaps, peas, beans as well as planting, weeding, deadheading flower, and pruning among other things. The constant stooping, kneeling and gripping oftentimes becomes difficult for different parts of the body, from hands to knees to backs. Choosing low-maintenance plants will make things easier if you go on holiday or into hospital, or if don’t feel up to gardening for a while. Improving the quality of your soil will make cultivation easier. Alternatively, you can cover the bed with black polythene, cut slits into the sheet and plant seeds through the holes. Arthritis Blog Home »  Use both hands to spread the weight when you use a watering can. One of the many activities some people give up at the onset of arthritis is gardening. Registered Charity Nos. Don’t walk over the soil after this stage. However, when you have arthritis symptoms, your gardening hobby may become harder to enjoy. ‘Little and often’ is usually the best way, but switching between different jobs will also help. When you do need to dig, bear in mind the following: If the soil is light and sandy, you may not need to dig at all. You don’t need to sow in rows, and planting many seeds will make it harder for weeds to grow. “Gardening offers many health and wellbeing benefits and, with the right adaptation and modifications, people with arthritis can experience these benefits, too,” says Mark Lang from Thrive, a charity that runs gardening projects to change the lives of disabled people. Suffers find pain from hip arthritis is usually worsened with weight bearing activities such as running and prolonged walking and by rotation or twisting of the hip …

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