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The only path through this is honesty. Exercises that boost our active listening skills help us engage better, through empathy, body language, and non-judgment where required (Rogers & Farson, 1957). Courageous Conversation About Race Protocol Below is the courageous conversations about Race protocol. We discuss the tools and training needed to manage crucial conversations. Courageous Conversations – A How To Guide Introduction. Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future Meg Wheatley. Crucial Conversations Training: Summary of Techniques. The practice is designed to … Uncover the Stinky Fish (Before it Rots) The stinky fish canvas is a metaphor for issues that we don’t … This will help you get clearer on the impact NOT having these conversations has on you and will hopefully help you increase your desire to become more skilled at having these conversations… The alternative to having a courageous conversation … Exercise 3 - How to have a courageous conversation. The program is designed for anyone wanting to learn how to courageously resolve tough situations with team members, colleagues, suppliers, customers, your managers or other stakeholders. Exercise 4 - Courageous Conversation Plan. ! Discomfort and anxiety are normal parts of courageous conversations. Intro to Courageous ConversationsCreating Powerful Conversationsto Achieve … Learnings, Insights and Action. Your conversations will likely be different. Do not shame or blame. shutting down. When was the last time that you had conversations with a group that were transformational? Your goal is to help … At the end of the day, active listening … Courageous Conversation Self-Assessment Directions: Take a separate piece of paper or your computer and answer these questions. ! * In educational leadership development, engaging in courageous conversations is about challenging current practices and fostering improvement and growth through conversation… The concepts and difficult conversations exercises … Capacities, calls for school leaders to engage in “courageous conversations”. Harry Brighouse of the University of Wisconsin-Madison had gone through “Courageous Conversations ... have stood by and watched black people and the country engage in futile exercises … When you feel discomfort it’s easy to take the conversation … E. Stanley Jones wrote, “Prayer is not an occasional exercise to … The Courageous Conversations offering via SpeakOut SpeakUp Ltd is an evidence-based … Becoming effective at handling high-stakes conversations, or crucial conversations… Step out and have those courageous conversations … Professional and Courageous Conversations Training Overview: This program aims to equip managers and leaders with the knowledge and skills to effectively address difficult, conflict-ridden situations and have the skills and confidence to professionally conduct courageous conversations… It is not the job of the people targeted by racism to invite people to the conversation. Know WHY you want to have the conversation Clearly identify the issue you want to discuss, How the issue is affecting you, The desired end goal/outcome. ! This is a method of leading people through certain phases of reflection, enabling them to process their experience. Ten questions are involved in a courageous conversation. • Stay with the topic. If you find yourself drifting, use strategies that will help you stay present. In this article we offer some useful tips and guidance on courageous conversations, including how to know when to have one, how to raise it, and how to get the most out of it.. Intro to Courageous Conversations - Creating Powerful Conversations to Achieve Maximum Results 1. It was originally developed Singleton (M.Ed., Stanford) to support adults in having the conversations … Courageous Conversations Setting yourself up for success Get Ready, Decide if the issue is worth addressing. It has developed Courageous Conversation… Just as employees in many cookie-cutter safety programs know their employers want them to watch the video and sign the acknowledgement without hearing their concerns or feedback, employees will know when an effort to improve culture or have a conversation is more a mandate than a mutually beneficial exercise. It can get in the way of being objective and achieving a … Several of the skills and mindsets we discussed and worked on in exercises are fully applicable regardless of gender – for instance having “courageous conversations.” But having this … It is the role of the leader to start the conversation. Courageous … Prayer Guide for Courageous Conversations Purpose of the Prayer Guide When we pray, we are intentionally in the presence of God. Deal with your EGO. For example, try starting a conversation with “The thing I’m kinda scared to say right now is…” or “I feel vulnerable sharing this, but…” or “I feel some fear sharing this with you, but it’s important, so…”. Here is what I … The first step to training managers as coaches is self-reflection. Module 6 - Feedback. Get Set, Time and Place for conversation ! There are many service providers using the catchy phrase ‘courageous conversations’ to market their workshops. ! Invest in your team members’ personal lives and have regular conversations with them from day one. A courageous conversation is an effective tool that you can use to resolve relational conflicts. Using these questions to guide your discussion, … Courageous conversations don’t just happen – they are led. ! The Courageous Conversation. The Pacific Educational Group (PEG), a consulting firm committed to forging racial equity, believes that an earnest and honest discussion on race and racism is the first step to eliminating racially predictable outcomes of our lives. This powerful, highly-interactive exercise is designed for intact work teams at all organization levels that are seeking to dramatically improve their cohesiveness and … 8 Module 7 – Wrap up. ! Practical features of this book include: Implementation exercises ; … • If you find yourself needing to stand up, please do so. Courageous conversations are best supported by a trusting, positive relationship. Through these "courageous conversations," educators will learn how to create a learning community that promotes true academic parity. The Courageous Conversations project is aimed to help us move from skepticism to curiosity and even openness to encounter God’s grace. Courageous conversations was developed by Glenn E. Singleton (M.Ed., Stanford) to support adults in having the conversations necessary to make progress on difficult subjects such as race, privilege, … If you are frustrated by difficult people and stressed at the thought of having an awkward, but necessary, “high stakes” conversation, then check out our Difficult Conversations With Employees Blueprint.. It’s a complete step-by-step guide to how to have one of those difficult conversations … A coaching culture Coaching is central to having courageous conversations and creating a challenge culture. This helps them relate, and also to … The Courageous Conversations ous conversations workshop is a rigorous, skill-based approach to developing interpersonal-communication competencies. This delightful book reminds us that conversation …

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