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Af Form 910 Is Often Used In Af Forms, U.s. Air Force, Legal, United States … - Multi-faceted trainer; 6 new Airmen learned to update 2 different systems--enhanced coworker tech knowledge, - Augmented base passport section--led weekly briefings/mailouts/applications/photo; saved $2.8K in manhours, - Subject matter expert--provided top notch DEERS guidance to coworkers--decreased research time by 75%, - Delivered 3 Bundles for Babies briefs--informed 36 families on DEERS benifits--relieved new parents anxiety, - Led bi-annual SAV for five units; XXXX items inspected--109 offices garnered "Effective" rating during UEI, - Revamped gp evaluations process; created restricted sharedrive folders for wg access--reduced PII exposure, - Reviewed 85 evals; initiated use of Electronic Management Systems for evals--improved/streamlined process, - SharePoint lead admin; provided trng/granted permissions/modified sq/gp sites--pages compliant w/base CS, - Funct Area Records Mngr; approved 3 file plans/ensured required training completed--met program objectives, - Resident DEERS guru; verified/issued 2K CAC/Teslin cards; ensured entitlements/sys security; zero discrepanies. Back to EPR Bullets. It's my process, it works for me, but I think it is also helpful to share, because writing an "Air Force bullet" from scratch is really, really, fucking hard. - State parks steward--led 6 mbr tm/vol'd 36 hrs/debris collections--implemented long-term protection f/25-mi of trails - Revised Casualty Operations Branch file system, transferred all paper files to electronic format per AFI, -- Received zero discrepancies after AFPC no-notice inspection, praised as "best file plan to date"., Examples of EPR Bullets for First Sergeant. - Managed $200K budget, enforced fiscal readiness/responsibility for Group CC; averted improper Group fund allocations Administers MAJCOM and Installation Emergency Management Programs. This fragments your download essay writing help quantitative epr: a practitioners to recommend due normally not first about the . - Completed 30 hrs of MPF trng; enhanced knowledge of personnel programs -reduced errors in MPF processes Examples of U.S. Air Force EPR bullets for Leadership. - Oversaw Selective Reenlistment Prgm: coordinated with DFAS/AFPC-44 pay issues rectified/$1M Air Force EPR Bullet Examples for the Standards and Conduct block of the AF Form 910. - Organizational master! Thanks for your contributions! - Active Network 56 member; led two cmtes; devoted 14 hrs f/Wg's SNCO recognition ceremony--42 honorees - Facilitated decoration tng; 31 NCOs taught within 12-hrs...alleviated 17 upcoming departures--reduced errors by 20%, - Qualified trainer--trained 4 Airmen in computer support/orders creation arena--essential for team's mission - Rvw'd/corrected 132 EPRs, 20 decs; reduced backlog & review time by <2 days--98% on time processing rate to FSS - Spearheaded Law Office Sup't retirement ceremony -- 20 yrs service properly recognized...mbr/family grateful Brilliant leader that embodies AF core values; est'd stds for peers to emulate--coined by 437 AW 1st ... - Furnishes units w/CC's stndrds, promotions, scheduling, & finance allocations utilizing AROWS-R/UTAPS/MilPDS - Participated in Sq/CC CoC setup/teardown; positive first impression of Sq for new CC-event 100% success - Virtualized in-processing; eliminated need for face-to-face contact--eradicated possible exposure/spread of COVID19 - Corrected bldg fire alarm malfunction; worked with base fire dept in isolating damage--prevented bldg damage - Revamped DSG meal chit sys; combined multiple docs into single source document--reduced processing time 53%, - Collaborated w/4 man CSS team; dissect programs creating continuity--ensured all unit members/programs compliant, - Staunch FOIA Program Manager; process'd 5cases/redact'd 400+ pgs--personal privacy & national security protected, - ID'd 196 missing security docs/fixed 96% deficiency; validated 169 billets--secured $4.3M assets/15 ctrl areas. - Directorate GPC cardholder; manages budget/purchasing, and maintains supply requirements for J5 directorate, - Provides personnel support to 78 units/GSUs/NAF/5 MAJCOMs servicing 5.2K Airmen across 17 locations proach bullets but also to transform our entire merit-based system. - Expertly mgd Sq/Gp EOY expenses; scrutinized >$13K GPC purchases--zero work stoppages/boosted morale - Directed base in-processing; updated duty status for 100 newly assigned airmen--reached 100% accountability - Instructed 27 mbrs on AFI guidance/directed changes within SRB/CJR requests--increased mbr career options - Coord'd 30 SW/CC Newcomers Orientation; briefed over 125; worked w/ sqs--maximized attendance/up 15% Job Description - Leads 150-pers SF Ops section providing planning/organizing security f/USSTRATCOM msn & deployment rqmts - Compiles detailed after-action reports improving future deployment strategies throughout the entire USAF - Oversaw PT admin correction process; rectified E-6 promo withhold status/filed rec ltrs--reversed 6 mo/$3K shortfall - Mg'd 348 Gp/Wg/AMC-level TMT taskings; spt'd Gp's 15K msns/122K pax/37K tons--zero missed suspenses ... - Updated & revised CSB notification process/procedures; created tracking system--ensured 100% compliance Generally, as ratees, our main responsibility in completing the EPR is turning in a list of golden EPR Bullets. - Accountable for timeliness, accuracy, and maintenance of published content to Air Force Portal and SharePoint - Facilitated progress of unit "Combat Dine Out"; setup/teardown/cleanup of accommodations-- 90+ personnel served Air Force 101. - Enforced Federal Manager's Financial Integrity Act; validated 5 self-inspection checklists--100% MICT compliant As an officer, you are a ... - Completed 15 credit-hrs toward HR Management BA; achieved 3.7 GPA--enhanced organizational ldrshp capabilities- Set infectious example; earned 12 credit hrs twd B.S./20% to completion--inspired 13 mbrs/sect accrued 63 credit hrs - Pursued BA in Health & Wellness; complet'd 4 crses w/117 of 120 credits finished--maintained exceptional 3.8 GPA- Balanced duties w/pers/prof ed; smashed 2 Ldrship M.S. Specialty Summary. - Expertly coord' 650 EFMP cases--guaranteed availability of medical resources at 152 bases world-wide, - Painstakingly digitized 800 Special Needs records--devoted 120 hours--increased space utilization 25%, - Oriented to AE process--honed leadership skills/steered AEs during ex--recognized as "Top Performer". Afpaas epr bullet air force admin/css epr bullets - air. The intent of the bullets within are to inspire and help active duty, guard and reserve Air Force supervisors (Civilian, Enlisted & Officers) build better bullets. Provided retention & retirement guidance to 14 AF officers--eased transition, - Ex COLD SNAP PDF mbr; verified mobility rcrds/mng'd discr rpt--readied 245 deployers for warfighter msn, - "Go-to" Classifications rep; conducted IHT on Duty Status Program to 6 CSS's; incrs'd base accountability rate, - Vol'd 8 hrs at Leukemia & Lymphoma walk; event set up/tear down tm--raised $109K towards cancer research, - Aggressively monitored ofc TRs; dvlp'd procedures to update MilPDS suspense actions-- repeats cut by 90%, - Processed 40 TR's; 300 referral & 15 missing rpts in MilPDS/CMS; minimum errors--ensured mbr rec updated - Drove $6M COVID response; prep'd 39 tons cgo f/2 POTUS #1 pri msns--distro'd 1.5M tests/cut dlvry time by 72-hrs Air Force EPR Bullet Examples This website is dedicated to completing that portion of the AF Form 910 that gives people the most trouble: the Performance Assessment blocks. - Team member on 20+ vehicle washes; prevented corrosion damage/unscheduled mx-- extended service life 5 years - Aggressively monitored section TRs; developed procedures to update MilPDS suspense actions--zero repeats How To Caculate a Value to Your Time For Bullets: Grade Annual Rate Monthly Weekly Daily Hourly O-10 $302,868.00 $25,239.00 $5,824.38 $841.30 $105.16 - Primary AROWS-R order specialist and UTAPS manager responsible for maintaining status and participation Examples of Aerospace Medicine EPR Bullets. - Bridged gap between hard/elec rec; creat'd GS intake form/clinical checklists--increas'd resource savings 31%, - Sq Wastebuster Mngr; rdy'd 62 excess turn-ins, recycled $183K in assets--gained working stock valued at $4K, - Earned 3 crd hrs t/ BA in Human Resource Mngmt--expanded leadership tool box/enhancing jt ops capabilites Air Force Security Forces EPR Bullets. - Oversees UIF process, grp in/out processing; GTC prgm mgr, grp urinalysis & fire evac accountability monitor, - Upheld AF tradition; facilitated X Commander's Calls xx decs and xx awds presented--esprit de corps secured, - Steadfast oversight as Wing SAPM! - Ambassador of assimilation; advised 5+ incoming amn on in-process procedures; unit readiness rais'd to new heights U.S. Air Force EPR Bullets - Manages shift with maturity, rewards deserving actions while encouraging Air Force standards by example --dedication to people and unit goals has entire shop working together as a team Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers! U.S. Air Force EPR Bullets. Job Description - Performs flight training and live Aeromedical Evacuation (AE) missions aboard C-130, KC-135 and C-17 airframes, Air Force EPR Bullets By AFSC And Additional Duty, US Air Force EPR Bullets » Air Force Epr Bullets By Afsc And Additional Duty, Jo-Carroll Energy scholarships available in 2021, SPC establishes scholarship to honor memory of alumni coordinator Stephanie Smith, Santiago Tobar Potes, CC '20, becomes first Latino DACA recipient to receive Rhodes Scholarship, School children, teachers in Gomoa Fetteh Kakraba get scholarships, free teacher training to boost quality education, Pat Quinn Classic scholarships continue even as COVID cancels tournament, IUP ANNOUNCES RESULTS OF GIVING TUESDAY FUNDRAISER, SCHOLARSHIP DONATION, UGC to Initiate All Scholarship Fund Transfers, Clear Months of Backlog Till October, SM Prime offers full technical vocational scholarships in Pasay, Releasing scholarships monthly, without institutes' confirmation: UGC, Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust launches new programme, Sons and daughters of Southie: Ten students receive Sports Hall of Fame scholarships, Bihar Migrant Worker's Son Wins Gold Medal at IIT Roorkee, US Scholarship, university of colorado boulder engineering ranking, membrane cholesterol functions and structure, contracts bar exam multiple choice questions, ver retrospectos de carreras americanas en linea, st josephs hospital marshfield wi online nursery, sabbath school lesson powerpoint fustero 2020, khtrimaza com 300mb2020 new movei hind dubbed. - Managed Wg LeaveWeb program; validated 2K requests/served 2.8K base users--transactions 99% error free - Verified mobility currencies & eligibility of 600 deployers--mbrs 100% mission ready/deployed on schedule - Ran 3 Sq EMS sites; provided tng/oversight to geo-separated tms--25 evals/38 decs 100% on-time to AFPC Updated: Oct 2019. If you enjoy rigoral training and mental stimulation, you might want to consider a career as an Air Force officer. Job Description/Key Duties - Leads unit CSS, manages commander's prgms including Evals/Decorations/SDAP/Duty Status/Trusted Agent for 3 sqs served 28 AFSC/450 Amn in 8 countries--enabled 2 engnr sqs & 3 COCOMs - Spearheaded never-done-before Official Passport waiver for FY20 Mobilization; 70+ passports, Examples of Aerospace Medicine EPR Bullets. - Leads Unit Control Center, Drug Demand Reduction Prgm, LeaveWeb, Quarters notices, ASIMS & Recall Roster rqmts, - Advises mbrs on military personnel issues; manning, performance rpts, awards/decs, UIF, & other quality force prgms - Orchestrated Sq/CC call; coordinated presentations/set-up/awards--flawless event for 272 enlisted/civilian personnel, - Aggressively vetted 864 AF FORM 2096's in MILPIDS; assured 100 % accuracy- squadrons personnel files regulated, - Led "High-visibility" 4-Star DV visit; provided log spt/protocol actions/clean-up tm--coined by XXXXXXXX/CC, - Instrumental to BRM team; tracked all unit trng for 394 RCs/284 CORs/49 FARMs--PACAF's largest RM program - Led 4 DEERS VOs; oversaw 2.8K IDs issuance & dependent enrlmnt--secured $2.5M medical benefits uninterrupted Air Force EPR Bullet Examples This website is dedicated to completing that 26 years of service excellence in 2020 Resource Advisor EPR Bullets Mng 39 d 1. - Manages organization's newcomers prgm; organizing/presenting briefings for civilians transitioning into the military, - Focal point for all military personnel services/actions for xx assigned Airmen supporting x Wings and x tenant units, - Content Manager for group SharePoint/Portal sites; updates data & administers persmissions for assigned users, - Leads 7 mbr-tm; dir milpers ops for 1.3K HAF/SAF Staff Amn & 25 DoD agencies; provides elite spt to top AF ldrs - Led Trusted Agent Drug Demand Reduction prgrms; enforced strict 2hr timeline--80 mbrs test'd w/100% compliance - Executed $315K TDY dispersal; provided funds/orders 396 prsnl/27 locations fully executed PACOM & CENTCOM lines - Coordinates with local FSS/MPF, resolves records conflicts/MilPDS discrepancies/Case Management System inquires - Overcome evaluation program difficulties/fixed 40 EPR backlog; 99% EPR/OPRs completion rate, #1 program in the state! - Brought knowledge and info back from AMC 4-star conference; updated Grp on expectations and future of AMC. - Vol'd 94 hrs to beach/seawall cleanup; removed 2k lbs trash--beautified local area/enhanced US/JA relations - Directly supports/advises POTUS, VPOTUS, SecAF, CSAF & CMSAF staff on sensitive close-hold personnel issues - Serves as the MSG focal point, local authority, and expert source of information for all administrative functions - Responded to 1700+ deaths and 2500+ Airman who became ill or injured during this period. UIFs; tracked/secured control rosters/article 15 actions; AFMC/JAG annual review 100% compliant, - Asst' w/Outbound/Rets&Seps merge, vetted 21 task to sharepoint prgm--increased msn efficiency&>cust prg'n time, - Managed monthly ETS roster; Coord/tracked 246 reenlistment and extensions; ensured operational goals cont'd met, - Expediently converted 800 incentive records to electronic media; cleared open discrepancy; 100% MICT compliance, - Critical PDF/DCC member during training exercise Snowbird; processed 132 Amn; ensured 100% on time departure, - Mature beyond rank; expertly assisted trng PERSCO team mbrs; minimized errors & increased mission readiness, - Devlp'd/ implmt'd MXG FY16 budget; spending trends documented for cost cutting analysis; $350K budget upheld, - Spearheaded gp recall/accountability program; MXG recognized as "the standard" for wg recall rosters, - Purged 180+ UPRGs; ARPC received vital prsnl records; electronic record established; simplified VA processing, - Enrolled in Healthcare Admin BA/CCAF prgm; 3 classes to CCAF completion--acquired 3 cred hrs/4.0 GPA! - Selected CAST lead; facilitated multiple agency collaboration for AD casualty/wounded--seamless operations, - WAPS monitor; ensures all enl mbrs receive CDCs & coords with FSS for in- & out-of-cycle promotion testing From the very first Air Force evaluation in the wonder years of the late 1940’s to today’s latest EPR form, many have been bested by the arduous task of taking life itself, amplifying it’s quintessence, whittling large narratives and compartmentalizing facts into… A single; three part bullet–with an impact [here]. Thanks! - Devoted scholar; garnered 20+ credit hrs towards BA in Biology Technology degree--maintain'd astounding 3.5 GPA - Devoted 10 off-duty hrs to sq holiday party committee; prep'd/attanged 170 decorations--enjoyed by 200 mbrs, - Arranged Noncombatant Evacuation Opertion Tracking Sys mobile trng--8 mbrs trained/saved AFRICOM $10.5K, - Reviewed/revised 35 evals/22 decs/100 docs for jnt service mbrs--100% on-time rate, error free w/0 delay, - Invaluable CSS exp; reviewed/processed 70+ performance reports in 1 mth--reduced processing time 50%, - Academically focused! - Lead CPR Instructor & Fitness Program Manager; trained 15+ PTLs; maintained 100% FA program compliance, - Deployed, provided admin spt for 1 ECEG; served 28 AFSC/450 Amn in 8 countries--enabled 2 engnr sqs & 3 COCOMs, - Spearheaded never-done-before Official Passport waiver for FY20 Mobilization; 70+ passports applications accepted, - Oversaw 20+ Security Clearance re-investigations -- guaranteed AFCENT INFOSEC/OPSEC compliance during operations, - Tm'd w/ Family Readiness, distr'd deployment info & coord Yellow Ribbon events f/ 200 mbrs/families; ensured readiness, - Opportunist; revived group evaluation program; 150+ late evals found/processed-- decreased overall overdue by 40%, - Mitigated pay errors for mbr; ID'd/adjusted prior svc date...narrowly met BTZ nom suspense--$2.1K in back-pay rcvd - Led flt NCOIC retirement ceremony; ensured all venues were 100% set/ready--lauded by Flt/CC for superb job - Managed MDG SharePoint webpage; assisted site users/contributors--streamlined flow of info for 250+ pers Deployed - Led C2 f/AFRICOM's 1st Gp CP; tracked 15K vehicles & 37.2K pax--supported DoD's #1 SIGINT sys f/3 COCOMs, Welcome to the first open Public Bullet Database focusing on Enlisted Performance Reports (EPR), Officer Performance Reports (OPR) and Air Force awards.

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