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When at work, she is the district's middle and high school CI Program teacher. READ MORE >, This week, the Freeland Learning Center is highlighting one of our school secretaries, Mrs. Brandi Vasold, who has worked in the Freeland Community School District for four-and-a-half years. FCSD Students Draw Pratt House Museum. READ MORE >, This week, Freeland Elementary is highlighting Brenda Crook. READ MORE >, On Friday, October 2, 2020, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that Governor Whitmer did not have the authority to issue COVID-19 Executive Orders after April 30, 2020, under the Emergency Management Act. She also... This information is posted on our website ( ) under MENU >DISTRICT INFO >COVID-19 INFORMATION/UPDATE> Freeland COVID-19 Update. READ MORE >, Personal info/Educational background: - Thur., 7:30 - 3:30Week of August 24th - All building... READ MORE >, This week the Special Services Department would like to highlight Amanda Annear. She stated that the biggest reward she gets from working in... The Falcons face the Hamilton Hawkeys @ Van Noord Arena (Calvin College) in Grand Rapids. READ MORE >, Wednesday evening the Board of Education approved Freeland's COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. She has endorsements in Cognitive Impairments, Learning Disabilities, and Early Childhood Education. Ms. Foy is a graduate of Freeland High School and is thrilled to now be able to teach students in the community where she grew up. We will continue to update you as we... For those that may not know, she splits her time between the Learning Center and the Elementary School, where she also serves as the secretary for special education services... He is always willing to help. Mindi currently teaches 7th grade World History and High School Spanish 1. READ MORE >, This week, Freeland Middle School is thrilled to celebrate Mrs. DeShone. When we asked her what the most rewarding part of her job was, she indicated that it is being able to interact with, and help... Financial support For More Info . READ MORE >, This week Freeland High School is excited to highlight Mr. Scott Kostrzewa. The educational delivery system for our 9th-12th grade students after Tuesday, December 8th, will be decided by the... I believe the article I wrote during the 2015-2016 academic year for the Fairfield Community School District's website, "Mistakes help me learn," said Growth Mindset, documents collaboration with students, families, colleagues, and communities to enhance student learning. READ MORE >, Personal information/Educational background: Bring, mail or email the medical documentation to, ask you to provide more information to determine your child’s eligibility, or, explain why your child is not eligible and give you information about other programs and resources that may be helpful, or, say your child is eligible and discuss next steps to determine your needs, goals and the. This information is posted on our website ( ) under MENU >DISTRICT INFO >COVID-19 INFORMATION/UPDATE> Freeland COVID-19 Update. The link below should provide you updated information about Freeland's plan and, hopefully, answer questions you may have. As anyone at the Learning Center will tell you, Pam goes above and beyond in all aspects of the job, and plays an... It may be written by, or on behalf of a: You are responsible for any fees the health professional charges to prepare the letter or report. She teaches at both the Learning Center and the Elementary School. She feels the most rewarding part of her position is working with the parents, staff,... Meeting ID: 768 2617 3872Password: 8H2biz

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